The Bloody Man

The 1980s vibes are strong with this one!  From the synth score, the aesthetic; the opening late-for-the-bus routine as Sam (a spellbinding David Daniel) jogs through the neighborhood much like Ferris Bueller did; to the toys scattered on the shelves of his room.  The Bloody Man delivers horror by way of the films from our youth, but it feels oh so very FRESH and ALIVE at the same time.

" like a cocktail of A Nightmare On Elm Street, Monster Squad and Stranger Things"

The bottom line is, from beginning to end, The Bloody Man absolutely works to deliver an honest portrayal of life in the 1980s.  And it scores tremendously as one boy, after the death of his mother, turns to a comic book she gave him before dying for answers to what lies beyond.  He never plans on summoning the ancient monster at the center of its pulpy heart.

Yet that’s what Sam does and, once released, this demon will do all that it can to destroy all that he loves.

Written and directed by Daniel Benedict (The Unwanted, Bunni) and co-written by Casi Benedict, The Bloody Man is more than lip service to 1980’s horror.  It is a wonderfully written narrative that succeeds in scoring that 80s tone with authenticity and lots of heart as it centers around a family - Sam’s family, to be specific - that are all but ready to bring a stepmother into the picture, even if Sam is not quite there yet.

He misses his mother and seems to be taking it out on everyone else, especially his stepmother.  

Which is why he turns to the comic book and starts to tinkle with the sorcery inside its inked pages.  It’s all just make-believe, right?  Suddenly, the film itself comes alive as the comic is fully fleshed out before us before we get a flashback to a more perfect time in Sam’s young life, when his mother was still alive . . . and the comic first entered his world.  Full of practical effects and a serious The Goonies-like charm, The Bloody Man is an easy favorite this season thanks to earnest world-building and its overall charm. The Bloody Man

Wild Eye Releasing have acquired the rights to director Daniel Benedict’s The Bloody Man, a supernatural horror film reuniting A Nightmare On Elm Street 4: The Dream Master stars Lisa Wilcox and Tuesday Knight.  While a little on the lengthy side, most audiences will be so entwined in its particular brand of horror that their butts won't mind the extra time in the seat.

Mercedez Varble, Dan Eardley, Jason Crowe, Roni Jonah and KateLynn E. Newberry join Wilcox and Knight in the film, which is said to encompass high-end production values and plays like a cocktail of A Nightmare On Elm Street, Monster Squad and Stranger Things. Wild Eye will premiere the film on digital on July 12 before releasing on physical formats later.

Frightening, nostalgic, and all about the feels, The Bloody Man is not to be missed.

4/5 stars

Film Details

The Bloody Man

MPAA Rating: Unrated.
133 mins
: Daniel Benedict
Daniel Benedict; Casi Clark
Tuesday Knight; KateLynn E. Newberry; Lisa Wilcox
: Horror
He's ancient... He's evil... and he's terrorizing the '80s.
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Wild Eye Releasing
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Release Date:
July 12 before releasing on physical formats later.
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Synopsis: The film tells of a young boy who, after the death of his mother, becomes obsessed with a comic book she gave him that ultimately summons the ancient monster found in its pages.


The Bloody Man