That's a Wrap

The neon is strong with this one.

That’s a Wrap is, at once, an homage to the colorful Giallo slashers of the 1970s.  Know this going in and the staging of the kill scenes will definitely meet your expectations.  The whole staging is thoughtful, choreographed well, and definitely memorable.  As a result, the film - being the first production from Neon Noir - is a blast from beginning to end; it’s a breath of fresh air, in fact. 

"is fun, full of exciting characters, and - as it contains several moments which will have you talking for days - quite unexpected"

That’s a Wrap opens with an extended kill sequence in the rain which is, at once, a dazzling display of technical appreciation for the esteemed filmography of directors like Mario Brava, Dario Argento, and Lucio Fulci.  Yet, the influence of the screen also comes from American directors like Wes Craven, too.  The end result is a colorful palette of kills, thrills, and . . . a shower scene which will long be remembered. 

But the horror movie is so much more than a homage. 

 That’s a Wrap is fun, full of exciting characters, and - as it contains several moments which will have you talking for days - quite unexpected.  It’s colorful, intense, playful, and - as expected - full of gore as victims are mercilessly stabbed by a gloved killer, regardless of their sex or sexual identity.That's a Wrap

And that is all what happens at this wrap party for a fictional horror movie.  The premise is wicked and wild. And Director Marcel Walz knows EXACTLY what he is doing as the cast for an upcoming horror movie discover that the slasher in the movie is staging his or her own kill scenes . . . for real.  And one by one, sometimes with and without clothes, the cast begins to disappear until, finally, the killer is revealed and, with the reveal, the true purpose of the evening.

Starring Cerina Vincent (Cabin Fever), Monique T. Parent (Jurassic City), Sarah French (Space Wars : The Quest for Deepstar), Gigi Gustin (The Retaliators) and Dave Sheridan (The Devil’s Rejects), That’s a Wrap operates on many levels which is greatly appreciated thanks to its visual impact.  It is visceral and, thanks to a great script from Joe Knetter and Robert L. Lucas, threads many moments of meta into its thrills. 

Ridiculous, demented, and right up any greasy cinephile's back alley, That’s a Wrap arrives on digital platforms on August 25 from Quiver Distribution.

5/5 stars

Film Details

That's a Wrap

MPAA Rating: Unrated.
94 mins
: Marcel Walz
Joe Knetter; Robert L. Lucas
Cerina Vincent; Monique Parent; Sarah French
: Horror
Slash kill Cut, and ....
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Theatrical Distributor:
Quiver Distribution
Official Site:
Release Date:
August 25, 2023
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Synopsis: The cast of a film arrive to a wrap party, but someone has dressed up as the slasher in the film, and begins to stage their own kill scenes. One by one, the cast disappear until the true nature of the evening is revealed.


That's a Wrap