The sound of breaking branches as something rushes toward you.  Hearing the leaves crunch under the weight of something huge.  Hearing that endless howling in the dead of night, and a stench which makes the eyes water.  Fouke, Arkansas knows its bigfoot lore.  And, Stranded, written and directed by Shawn Burkett, is yet another film to take on the legend of the sasquatch and come out as a winner.

"checks all the boxes to produce a quasi-revenge thriller unlike any other,"

Who doesn’t love a bigfoot movie that name drops Boggy Creek in the first few minutes?  No one.  And, thankfully, the filmmaking team behind Stranded know exactly what they are doing when it comes to ratcheting up tension as a very large and very tall creature runs amuck out in the woods.

Maybe it’s the practical effects as the creature is slowly revealed or perhaps it is the emotion of this offering, but Stranded checks all the boxes to produce a quasi-revenge thriller unlike any other, thanks to the opening 12-minutes which sees a sheriff looking for his boy in the woods.  What he uncovers is an unsettling truth about what lives in the woods and, firing his gun blindly into the night, he leaves a memento of his time there . . .

. . . something this monster will not soon forget.

Opening with a moody and damn effective search for a missing boy, Stranded settles into its main story as a group of siblings - stranded near Fouke, Arkansas - discover that they are not as alone in the wilderness as they should be.  Stalked and terrorized by this pissed-off sasquatch, they pay the ultimate price for being at the wrong place at the wrong time.Stranded

Starring Dale Miller, Brittney Blanton, Scott Gillespie, Tamara Glynn, Rob Collins, Mike Pleska and Payton Pleska,  Stranded is co-written by Chris Gierowski and features some great practical effects as Bigfoot (Collins) stalks its prey on a deserted road.   So much for fulfilling their mother’s wishes!  These family members have more than old wounds to tend to as their unfortunate situation turns from bad to worse.

Stranded arrives from Wild Eye Releasing on November 7th.  Time to get squatchy!

3/5 stars

Film Details


MPAA Rating: R for strong/disturbing violent content, language throughout and some sexual references.
106 mins
: Shawn Burkett
Shawn Burkett; Cheyenne Gordon
Tamara Glynn; Dale Miller; Shawn Burkett
: Horror

Memorable Movie Quote: "Are these woods really that dangerous?"
Wild Eye Releasing
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Release Date:
November 7, 2023 (VOD)
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Synopsis: A group of siblings in Fouke, Arkansas break down in the wilderness and are stalked and terrorized by a legendary sasquatch monster.