Soul Mates

What if we could find a way to reconnect with our soul mate in the next life? Would you do it?  For many of us, I do believe the answer would be a simple “yes” and “show me how”.  Well, that’s the thesis behind Soul Mates, a new short from producer Terry Futschick, and - true to its word - it provides us with answers as one misconception leads to the ultimate truth.

Soul Mates, directed by Michelle Tomlinson and written by Jim Sea, is a touching short about two loves reunited after death cuts their romance together short.  At its heart, the film occupies the territory of eternity, providing a glimpse into the What If? Realm of true love being eternal.

" Tomlinson directs the short with a fine handling of both the actors involved and the subject matter,"

While clocking in at a quick 13-minutes, Soul Mates resonates with its pure heart. Stand out scenes include a grieving widow as time passes.  The moment hits hard like a ton of bricks as we see her in tears and then, in mere moments, coming to acceptance.  It is a powerful scene of sped-up motion and we have cinematographer Orlando Skidmore to thank for that, bringing in the idea of time passing slowly and quickly in such a poetic fashion.

Starring Jim Sea, Kris Isom, Sydney Carvill, Joshua Horton, and Ian Hudson, Soul Mates features strong performances throughout as one couple comes to terms with loss and then with the idea of meeting again after years apart in different bodies and seeing everything through a different pair of eyes.  Their mutual language is that of love and it is showcased by a quick run through of the things they love about this life.

Again, it is truly touching and Tomlinson directs the short with a fine handling of both the actors involved and the subject matter, neither the loss nor the love is lathered on with a clumsy approach.  It is applied smoothly and draws the audience in, proving that less is more when it comes to certain topics.

And the actors respond with truth in their performances.  Soul Mates is currently being submitted to film festivals and will very likely hit a festival near you in 2024!

4/5 stars

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Soul Mates

MPAA Rating: Unrated.

: Michelle Tomlinson
Jim Sea
Sydney Carvill; Josh Horton; Angela Atchley
: Short | Romance
A Michelle Tomlinson Film.
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Synopsis: When an elderly couple learns one of them has only six months to live, they must decide how to spend the rest of this life and how to recognize each other in the next.


Soul Mates