The Scalper

Opening with what has to be the “shitiest” murder scene (pun intended), Scalper is not for the faint of heart.  It’s damned grotesque in its depiction of some brutal-ass murders.  Sure, it settles calmly into the story of a psychic, Clementine Carter (Susan Priver), as she discovers that everyone around her is falling victim to a masked killer known as “The Scalper”, who seems to be copying a serial killer she helped track down many years ago, but the journey there is a white-knuckled thrill ride through Los Angeles where anything goes.

"Everything in this morbid tale works to create a unique spin on horror"

Directed by acclaimed horror director Chad Ferrin (Night Caller, Pig Killer) and starring Jake Busey, Bai Ling, Robert Miano, Kelli Maroney, Elina Madison, and Kate Patel, Scalper is a wild horror entry and, if you’re a freak like myself, it is as entertaining as it is locked-in its kill sequences.  Everything in this morbid tale works to create a unique spin on horror; something that hasn’t been seen since Bob Clark gave us the morbidly black Children Shouldn’t Play with Dead Things and Black Christmas, both laced with deadly humor.

From Breaking Glass Pictures, Scalper embraces the slasher genre with grit in its smile.  It’s not timid about its approach to the subject matter and that works in its favor as the sadistic reign of Andrew Lubitz seems to continue.  Could this dead psycho have come back from the dead?  Impossible, right?  It gets darker. 

The questions are only beginning and the answers aren’t easy as we follow Clementine with the cops in tow from one deadly kill location to another, trying to get to the horrifying truth as it seems this psychic and her unique abilities are the real targets in this madman’s pursuit.  It’s not a new spin on the formula, but it sure is entertaining . . . and downright disturbing as her visions grow more disturbing.The Scalper

Following in the footsteps of the sub-genre as it should, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with this slasher’s pacing, story, and its acting.  In fact, we have some solid performances from lesser known talent and, thankfully, it all works to polish this low-budget offering.  With solid kill sequences, great practical effects, and a script which delivers the goods, The Scalper is a slasher you need not miss. 

It will be released on January 12th from Breaking Glass Pictures.

5/5 stars


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The Scalper

MPAA Rating: Unrated.
83 mins
: Chad Ferrin
Chad Ferrin
Susan Priver; Jake Busey; Bai Ling
: Horror
The Night He Called Back.
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Release Date:
November 18, 2022
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Synopsis: Everyone around psychic Clementine Carter is being brutally murdered by a masked killer dubbed 'The Scalper.' Is it dead psycho Andrew Lubitz back from the grave, a copycat killer or a horror beyond imagination? Clementine must use her second sight to stay one step ahead of the maniac's blade to solve the mystery.


The Scalper