Restore Point

Tech Noir gets its just due thanks to the efforts of Restore Point, the Czech Republic's first science fiction film in 40 years.  Imagine being able to bring back to life victims of violent crime!  It’s bold; it’s thrilling; and it’s damned unforgettable as the future finds itself still flushing out conspiracy in a completely restructured society.

"an exciting, tension-filled odyssey that leaves audiences unsettled by its delicious mix of horror and pitch black humor"

It’s 2041 and Detective Em (Andrea Mohylová) knows just how important the restore point is.  This breakthrough in science provides investigators like herself the ability to bring victims of crime back to life, if they’ve backed up their brains every couple of days.  Em is ambitious and has no love for a terrorist group known as River of Life, who further add to the social and economic conflict which has left the world on the brink, by killing people before they can be “backed up”.  She will stop them any chance she can. 

But this new case, involving a murdered couple - one (Matěj Hádek) with specific ties to the Restore Point corporation, has her learning more than she ever wanted to know about this restructured society.

Written by Tomislav Čečka, Zdeněk Jecelín, and director Robert Hloz, this Bladerunner-like investigation is both cold in its approach to humanity and calculated with its bold vision of the future.  The idea of a restore point is ingenious and troubling.  Restore Point, thanks to its embrace of cyber punk ideals, has its moments of sheer brilliance, yet it knows its strength lies in staying true to the detective tropes of a by-gone era.  It makes for an interesting mix as fresh world-building finds itself leaning on film noir elements from a restless civilization, which just might collapse into itself.Restore Point

Framed within a world where emotion has been drained from humanity, the technology at play throughout the environmentals is telling in and of itself.  Just how far have we leaned into technology?  With no tipping point to be seen, Restore Point is a fascinating deep dive into a future on the edge . . . and the truth will not set you free.

Get ready, humanity! The provocative new sci-fi neo-noir RESTORE POINT (also known as "Bod Obnovy") lands on VOD on February 8th from XYZ Films!

4/5 stars

Film Details

Restore Point

MPAA Rating: Unrated.
115 mins
: Robert Hloz
Tomislav Cecka; Robert Hloz; Zdenek Jecelin
Andrea Mohylová; Matej Hádek; Milan Ondrík
: Crime | Drama | Sci-fi
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Release Date:
February 8, 2024
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Synopsis: Set in central Europe during 2041, a female detective investigates the case of a murdered couple where a restoration team is able to bring one of them back to life.


Restore Point