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Noah - Movie Review


5 stars

“Remember Noah, he picked you for a reason.”    

Step-aside Sunday school teachers, toss out your picture books, and forget what you thought you knew about the white bearded man named Noah. Darren Aronofsky, in his latest cinematic endeavor, delivers quite majestically I might add, in a sure-fire, visually stunning, intellectually challenging, blockbuster.

Opening with a thought provoking, “In the beginning, there was nothing…,” viewers are taken on a genealogical journey, tracing the descendants of Cain, and his brother Seth, with the descendants of Cain fouling the soil of the Earth, and damning mankind to a coming judgment. Beginning with a young Noah scavenging in a field with his father, Noah witnesses the slaying of his father, in the face of tyrannical ruler Tubal-cain (Ray Winstone).

Transitioning forward, viewers witness a grown Noah (Russell Crowe), on a similar scavenging voyage with his children, Shem, and Ham teaching them to treasure Creation, for it is His (God’s), in which they too learn the savagery done by the descendants and followers of Cain. Through violent, often visually-striking visions, Noah realizes that an imminent death awaits the human race, and, with the accompaniment of his family, journeys to receive wisdom from his grandfather Methuselah (Anthony Hopkins). Along the voyage Noah encounters The Watchers…giant stone, Neverending Story, Rock Giant resembling ogres, who were angels but as a result of defiance of God, were cursed to the Earth, never to return to Heaven.

Through another mystically stunning vision set on by Methuselah, Noah discovers the need to build an Arc, and fill it with all of the animals of the world, for they have not cursed the name of God, thus avoiding the persecution He brings to all of mankind.

Whilst crafting the vessel, Tubal-cain proclaims he is king, and claims every right to the Earth, that God will not deny him of his life, and sets out on a quest to kill Noah, and take the vessel for his. In a Peter Jackson-esque showdown, the followers of Tubal set out to destroy Noah and his family, whilst preparing to instil their power upon the arc. With the help of The Watchers, and of the promised flood, Noah fends off the naysayers and begins his journey aboard the water, waiting out the coming events set onto him by the Almighty himself.

Russell Crowe delivers another very strong performance through his interpretation of a man on a journey from God. As well as great accompanying performances by Emma Watson (Ila), Logan Lerman (Ham), and Jennifer Connelly (Naameh), this apocalyptic journey is quite pleasing to the senses.

Visually, the film is absolutely stunning; especially in a re-telling of the creation of the world by Noah, Aronofsky delivers beautiful cohesive transition sequences to en-capture the Beginning. Another fantastic addition to the film is that of Ham’s journey to manhood, and his tribulations he faces in an incredibly simplistic, yet incredibly engaging coming of age story.   Through themes of defiance, parenthood, and free-will, Aronofsky crafts a beautiful masterpiece of a film.


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Noah - Movie Review

 MPAA Rating: PG-13 for violence, disturbing images and brief suggestive content.
138 mins
: Darren Aronofsky
Darren Aronofsky
Russell Crowe, Jennifer Connelly, Anthony Hopkins
: Adventure | Drama
Memorable Movie Quote: "A great flood is coming! We build a vessel to survive the fall! We build an Ark."
Paramount Pictures
Official Site: http://www.noahmovie.com/
Release Date:
March 28, 2014
DVD/Blu-ray Release Date:
No details available
Synopsis: Academy Award-winner Russell Crowe stars as Noah, a man chosen by God for a great task before an apocalyptic flood destroys the world..


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