Something is coming.  Something BIG.  And it is bringing all Hell with it.

First off, I LOVE THIS MOVIE.  Sure, sure, there are issues with it when it stops bringing us monsters, but all is well when there’s nothing but carnage from creatures dropping from the sky.  Director Tyler James (The Loch Ness Monster) does it again, except this time, his movie reaches back toward the Ray Harryhausen days of creature features and unleashes a brand-new movie infested with all types of crazy monsters - both prehistoric and imagined!

"delivers the goods for a night out with some hideous friends"

Monsternado is chock full of solid effects as a tornado - spiraling out of control over the Bermuda Triangle - unleashes all sorts of crazy creatures upon an unsuspecting public as it comes ashore.  We’re talking Megalodons, Pterodactyls, Giant Octopuses, Crocodiles, and more! And the cast - which includes  human trafficker Clive Delaney (Jase Rivers), FBI Agent Pamela (Danielle Scott), Interpol agents, crooked politicians, and scientist Matt (Derek Miller), who brings this storm to the attention of the authorities only to be manipulated by them.

But in a movie like this one, do we really give a shit about the human characters?  We don’t.  And Monsternado, which takes its gusto from the Sharknado series, knows this, doubling down on the whole prehistoric sea creatures element while the humans talk, talk, talk about what to do with all this chaos heading their way. Monsternado

There are other problems with the human characters, too.  People get sucked up into the tornado, yet few actually give pause when the Monsternado is on its way.  Like I said, don’t care about those fools.  They are goners anyway.  Come here for the monsters and the cheesy fun is all yours to have!  Hell, we even have survivors shooting other survivors as the monster horde is unleashed.  No one cares!  Just get away from the creepy crawlies!

Full of some cool extended takes - including one which ends in an elevator massacre - and Monsternado delivers the goods for a night out with some hideous friends.  Armageddon has come!  Monsternado makes landfall on Digital and DVD November 14th.

3/5 stars

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MPAA Rating: Unrated.
106 mins
: Tyler-James
Derek Miller
Derek Miller; Darcy Baker; Zara Bell
: Comedy | Horror
On Helluva Storm
Memorable Movie Quote: "Something's coming. And it's bringing all of hell with it."
Uncork'd Entertainment
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Release Date:
November 14, 2023
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Synopsis: A tornado, infested with prehistoric monsters, has formed in the Bermuda Triangle, and is making its way towards land. Megalodon, Pterodactyls, Giant Octopuses, Crocodiles, and more attack - now the city must fight to survive against these deadly creatures.