Because you can’t keep a good woman down!

From Jagged Edge Productions and Devilworks, Medusa, rather interestingly, takes the mythological figure that we know from the pages of past incarnations and transforms her into a once bitten twice shy queen of the serpents figure and it is here where she towers above all the men . . . in a trailer park full of whores! Woot! Woot!

"With strong females leading Medusa’s charge, this film works better than expected because it deals with characters who are on the very edge of society and makes them sympathetic"

Director Matthew B.C. and co-writer Scott Jeffrey (Hatched) know how to update a legend!

Gone are the caves and the quests as Carly (Megan Purvis, The Young Cannibals, Rise of the Mummy) finds herself back under the control of Val (Nicola Wright, Cupid) and Jimmy (Thomas Beatty) in the trailer park.  Yeah, heroin addiction will do that to a girl.  She thought she’d escape it all, but no, the temptation is too great to overcome.  

Things don’t go as expected and she’s bitten by a snake during an encounter with a client.  Right on the inside thigh!  OUCH.

Suddenly, she starts going through severe changes.  Her senses are heightened and her appearance shifts into something not of this world.  Turns out, her new appearance belongs in the pages of the past as she starts shedding her old skin and finds her thirst for power unquenchable.  Maybe this is how she gets out of this hellhole!

Only Alexis (Jamila Wingett) seems to know what is happening to her.  Medusa

While we never get a full-on transformation from Carly (just a cool headshot with snakes slithering out of her head), there are certainly plenty of interesting moments as her body starts to change.  Limited in budget, Medusa definitely has fangs thanks to the practical effects and the limited use of CGI in its “use me to get what you want” delivery as one woman gains control.

With strong females leading Medusa’s charge, this film works better than expected because it deals with characters who are on the very edge of society and makes them sympathetic.  Don't go in for the horror.  Go in for the characters.  You will be rewarded.  This is not an easy task, but the film’s director handles making them sympathetic well.  These characters are all outcasts and it is here, among the dreck and the doldrums, where we dwell with these characters for about 90-minutes.  Each one has a battered and bruised story to tell and their voices, while not unique, are definitely unique to horror and suspense as one woman turns herself into a lethal weapon.

Megan Purvis (The Young Cannibals, Don’t Knock Twice, Hilda), Sarah T. Cohen (HellKat, The Witches, The Viking War) Nicola Wright (The Gardener, Perfect 10, Silent Place) and Nicole Nabi (Cannibal Troll, Hatched), all knock this narrative out of the park with their committed performances but it is Purvis who shines the most, taking her character through a stunning transformation as the fractured becomes the one who does all the breaking.  Like her character, she certainly casts a spell over the audience.

Devilworks, through their New Era Entertainment division, will be releasing Medusa across the US and Canada on July 6.

4/5 stars

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MPAA Rating: Unrated.
87 mins
: Matthew B.C.
Matthew B.C.Scott Jeffrey
StarsMegan Purvis; Sarah T. Cohen; Ricardo Freitas
: Horror | Sci-fi
Beauty is the Beast.
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Release Date:
US and Canada on 6th July and UK July 19th 2021.
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Synopsis: The film is a modern take on the mythological female creature ‘Medusa’ and tells the story of a young woman, who is bitten by a lethal snake and starts experiencing unusual changes to her senses and appearance. As she sheds her old skin, she will stop at nothing to get what she wants, as she slowly morphs into a deadly weapon.