Like Father, Like Daughter

The camp! The kills! The great outdoors just got a violent wake up call!

Directed and co-written by Ken Brewer, Like Father, Like Daughter is an independent feature which takes its Tarantino influence and proudly wears it on its bloody sleeve, fist-pumping its achievement throughout its running time. And why not?! With a great crew, a fun cast, some good practical effects, and some nice cinematography, Like Father, Like Daughter has a lot to champion.

"a great crew, a fun cast, some good practical effects, and some nice cinematography"

This is Natural Born Killers territory (while on a shoestring budget) through and through as The Wheeler Family, Lyle (Brewer) and Nancy (Kaitlin Kinner), escape from a mental hospital and decide to bring their dirty business to a nature preserve, slicing and dicing their way through one helpless victim after another. The kills are quick, guttural, and handled solidly as they find all sorts of visitors to harass while on the road to freedom.

The madness begins with an orchestrated escape as some mental hospital patients make their way into the sunshine of Southern California. It ends in an unavoidable blood bath as some park rangers absolutely have had enough of this duo’s senseless killing spree. Lyle and Nancy are in it to win it, and they won’t stop their reign of madness until the last victim lies cold in the hot sun . . .

. . . unless someone is brave enough to stop them. This is where Park Ranger Matt (Doug Wangh) comes into play. Having just relocated from San Francisco, he is a novice in every single way to this corner of California and he doesn’t mind sharing his lack of skills navigating this neck of the Cali woods with his cohorts . . . even if it f*$#ing annoys them.Like Father, Like Daughter

Like Father, Like Daughter is filled with long takes and the cast makes them enjoyable with some fun banter and an almost effortless take on their characters. It makes for an easy watch as the leads unleash all sorts of Hell upon whoever creeps up upon them as the sun bakes the ground high from its perch in the summer sky. All these two want to do is kill, kill, kill, and kill some more.

Forget any ideas of a family vacation! This killing spree is their idea of a good and groovy time! Get those knives sharpened! The Wheelers are on the prowl. Co-starring Traci Burr, Meri Gyetvay, Joe D’Aguanno, Linnea Swanson, and Jennifer Bange, Like Father, Life Daughter is now streaming thanks to Livid Media.

3/5 stars

Film Details

Like Father, Like Daughter

MPAA Rating: Unrated.
69 mins
: Ken Brewer
Ken Brewer; Meri Gyetvay
Doug Waugh; Traci Burr; Kaitlin Kinner
: Horror
It's Game Over.
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Release Date:
October 12, 2022
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Synopsis: A psycho father and his homicidal daughter escape from a mental hospital. Then go on a killing spree in a nature preserve.


Like Father, Like Daughter