Legions (2022)

Antonio Poyju (Germán De Silva) is full of stories - er, I mean, life experiences.  He is currently in a psychiatric hospital watching his stories - er, I mean life experiences - take shape on stage as poorly costumed demons recite their lines terribly.  No one understands that his stories - er, I mean life experiences - are the real deal. 

And it is beyond frustrating for this sorcerer, who just sits and dwindles in the psychiatric hospital he is currently trapped in.  He knows he is needed elsewhere but getting out of this joint is proving to be . . . quite the demonic challenge.

"one hell of a viewing for fans of Evil Dead and like-minded horror affairs"

Perhaps, by the end of Legions - the new horror comedy from prolific Argentinian filmmaker Fabián Forte - you will see his stories - er, I mean life experiences - in a different light.  This film is bursting with cultural flavor as it honors the horror comedy films which came before it and pushes the sub-genre into new territory . . . that of a global scale, thanks to its location and its on-screen heritage. 

And, in Legions, the consequences of his confinement are telling.  This is a most unusual father and daughter story, yet it works to create one of the most memorable and fascinating films of this year thanks to its keen eye for storytelling and the atmospheric shocks sprinkled in.  Legions is a masterstroke of Magical Realism by way of some pretty heinous demonic activity.  It is, in fact, right up my alley.

Opening with a grand and frightening exorcism gone awry in the Misiones, Antonio declares himself a mediator between two worlds.  His blood is sacred and, even as he tells this story, the evil that is outside the psychiatric hospital walls grows and grows, getting stronger while he is locked up listening to his play get butchered by dimwitted actors who have questions about the four Hells he has written about.

Balancing between this historic exorcism and his current situation, Legion is one hell of a viewing for fans of Evil Dead and like-minded horror affairs.  It is bloody.  It is funny.  And it is frequently on point thanks to the acting from Germán de Silva, Ezequiel Rodriguez, and Lorena Vega.Legions (2022)

With awesome atmospheres leading the way, Legions is a massive success when it comes to scaring up laughs and memorable sequences.  Even if we are just sitting in the theater with Silva as he watches his work get maligned, Legions finds its footing.  Thing is, this sorcerer - descending from an ancient line of demon keepers - must get free and team up with his daughter - who has forgotten her powers - if he is to save the Argentine from what’s coming . . . without it happening, the play is incomplete!  And the actors will have no one to answer all their questions!

Forte’s newest film combines the best of his previous cinematic endeavors: the comedic writing and direction of his 2016 hit Dead Man Tells His Own Tale is masterfully mixed with mystical horror of 2017's Terrified - which Forte contributed to - and once you add a dash of slapstick gore and a whole lot of heart, and you have Legions of fun!

XYZ Films is proud to announce that Fabián Forte's Legions will land on North American VOD January 19th, following an acclaimed festival run that included Sitges, Fantasia, and Fantaspoa. An unabashed love letter to Sam Raimi's Evil Dead series, this gory, hilarious, and heartwarming horror gem is the perfect way to start your 2023!

Humanity’s last hope against ancient evil has arrived!  Unfortunately, he must convince the unbelieving world that he’s not crazy!  Get ready to laugh out loud with Legions!

5/5 stars

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Legions (2022)

MPAA Rating: Unrated.
88 mins
: Fabián Forte
Fabián Forte
Mauro Altschuler; Mariana Anghileri; María Laura Cali
: Horror
Demons are...
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January 19, 2023
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Synopsis: A powerful sorcerer, Antonio Poyju (Germán De Silva), is locked away in an asylum, and wastes away in his imprisonment as evil, demonic forces take control of Argentina. If Antonio can escape the psychiatric hospital and find his daughter, Helena, their combined strength could save Argentina... but Helena has forgotten her powers.Now Antonio must reteach her the ways of magic... and be humanity’s last hope against ancient evil!


Legions (2022)