Final Caller

Hands won’t stop these power tools!  Now Christine is yet another statistic!  

With a killer opening sequence and a command of practical gore effects throughout its running time, Final Caller, the new film from the legendary director of Clownado and Bonehill Road proves to be yet another winner for the cult crowd out there.

"a whole lot of fun as its own particular brand of crazy comes off the wheels"

Hungry for more of legendary indie director Todd SheetsFinal Caller and its extreme ways have exactly what you are looking for.

Both hilarious - thanks to some great character work - and gruesome with its gnarly use of gore, Final Caller dares its audience not to choke on its giant-sized sweaty balls as it dares to go where other independent flicks won’t thanks to the late-night personality which headlines the manic sensibilities of a serial killer toying with his audience.

Anything to keep them tuned in, right?

Roland Bennett (Douglas Epps, Clownado, Bonehill Road), is an obnoxious late-night radio personality and he rubs his boss and most of those who call into his radio show the wrong way.  He specializes in the supernatural and when a caller called The Outsider (Jack McCord, Hi-Death) calls in, his night - which began with divorce papers - gets a whole lot worse.  

You see, this self-proclaimed serial killer - who is apparently angrier than Roland at the world around him - is threatening to kill a woman live on the air. Why?  Because the world is a place full of weak people and he must complete EIGHT rituals in order to fulfill an ancient ritual.Final Caller

Truthfully, Final Caller is Sheets’ take on the slasher genre and, as one should expect thanks to his previous output, he tackles its meaty subject matter with a ferocity that is currently unmatched when it comes to independently handling the monsters within us all.  His work here is honest and fun, proving to be the creative spark needed to reanimate this Talk Radio-meets-Don’t Answer The Phone thriller and then push it into bolder territory as vacant offices become hunting grounds.

Being live on the air tonight will spell death for all involved.  The violence is extreme and so are the characters as this pre-Covid-19 filmed slasher unleashes all of its crazy in off the way (and darkly funny) bouts of manic depravity.  Complete with twists and turns you won’t see coming, Final Caller is a whole lot of fun as its own particular brand of crazy comes off the wheels much to the audience’s delight.

My name’s not Flo. BITCH!  The madness that is Final Caller premieres on DVD and Digital July 5 from Wild Eye Releasing.

4/5 stars


Film Details

Final Caller

MPAA Rating: Unrated.

: Todd Sheets
Todd Sheets
Douglas Epps; Rachel Lagen; Alexander Brotherton
: Horror | Thriller
Terror is on the Line.
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Theatrical Distributor:
Wild Eye Releasing
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Release Date:
July 5, 2022
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Synopsis: Roland Bennett, an obnoxious late-night radio personality specializing in the supernatural is not having a good night. A visit from his soon-to-be ex-wife brings divorce papers to the station, a boss is listening in due to complaints, and a call from self proclaimed serial killer "The Outsider”  who threatens to kill a woman live on the air. Being live on the air tonight will spell death for all involved. 


Final Caller