Fangs Out

“I wouldn’t call it a surgery center.  Think of it more as a BIG house.”

Opening with a woodland stabbing as a panicked and confused plastic surgery patient runs from a nurse in a revealing outfit, Fangs Out doesn’t ease on into anything during its running time.  Low in budget and full of unpolished performances, this horror comedy is for a select crowd.  Sure, there is a unique 1960s throwback vibe to much of the film (which might be unintended as a result of its low, low budget), but that only solidifies its place within a campy crowd.

"knows EXACTLY what type of movie it is and plays to its strengths"

This continues into the opening credits as plumes of green and red smoke fill the screen.  Roger Corman would approve.  Especially with the opening stand-off between a daughter, her mother, and a detective.  Emotions are at an 11, but that doesn’t stop the laughter.

But mainstream audiences aren’t going to touch this release with a 10-foot pole.  This is one for just the gorehounds to gobble up.  Which is fine.  Fangs Out doesn’t need the approval of the masses; it’s doing its own thing.

With the credits done, we jump from one nutty sequence to the next as we finally settle on a group of college students who think it wise to travel 4 hours for some cheap plastic surgery.  Mexico for Spring Break.  Who wouldn’t trust a creepy surgeon by the name of Dr. Pavor.  The super shady vibes continue and are confirmed when all the college students realize that they are in a den of vampires, who want nothing more than to drain them of their blood. 

The situations the students get themselves into once they walk to the clinic is pretty hysterical, but so are their plastic surgery requests.  All of which Dr, Pavor, now wearing a bow tie over his white coat, promises.  The sets are cheap but somehow perfect for this mad affair. Fangs Out

Starring Randy Oppenheimer (Rottentail), Veronica Ricci (Bloody Mary), Samuel Code (Run! Die! Kill!) and Angel Juarez (Celest), Fangs Out knows EXACTLY what type of movie it is and plays to its strengths as a wild shoot with gonzo-type fun on the brain.  Full of genre staples as the authorities get involved and try to make their way south in time to stop this group from their own doom, this horror comedy might remain grounded, but it is perfectly goofy on its own terms.

From Stadium Media and Summer Hill Films, Fangs Out, directed by Dennis Devine (The Haunting of La Llorona), sinks its teeth into digital platforms May 23.

3/5 stars

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Fangs Out

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: Dennis Devine
Randy Oppenheimer
Randy Oppenheimer; Veronica Ricci; Stacy Aung
: Comedy | Horror
Prepare to give Blood... All of it.
Memorable Movie Quote: “It's just a scratch."
Stadium Media
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May 23, 2023
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Synopsis: A Group of college students head to Mexico for some cheap plastic surgery. There they meet Dr. Pavor, a creepy surgeon who is actually a vampire, harvesting victims for his blood cartel. Aided by his blood thirsty nurses he systematically carries out his evil plan. When a detective looking for his missing daughter arrives - all hell breaks loose in a bloody combustible conclusion.


Fangs Out