Hitchcock posterThanks to Fox Searchlight and Apple.com we get our first look at the movie-within-a-movie called Hitchcock that takes a look at the legendary filmmaker Alfred Hitchcock (Anthony Hopkins) and the relationship he had with his wife Alma (Helen Mirren), specifically during the filming of Psycho, which is widely considered the filmmaker's most famous movie.

After watching the trailer, it quickly becomes evident why the film is being released smack dab in the middle of awards season. John J. McLaughlin's story seems much more compelling than what we had been led to believe since the production of the film began making news many months ago. And the star-studded cast that also includes Scarlett Johansson as Janet Leigh, Jessica Biel as Vera Miles, and James D'Arcy as Anthony Perkins seems to be having a lot of fun in the quip-filled stacatto-like trailer that is channeling the Master of Suspense's own editing style.

Danny Elfman's creepy score is also worth mentioning as it lends a brilliant air of Hitchcockian suspense to the proceedings which leads us to a question: were it not for the decades separating them, would Elfman have been Hitchcock's go-to score guy, much like he is for Tim Burton?

Hitchcock will open the AFi film festival in the coming weeks on November 1, then will release wider to theaters later that month on the 23rd.

Check out the new trailer for Hitchcock below as well as its marvelous "Good Evening" poster.

Hitchcock poster