Ellen Degeneres in talks for Finding Nemow 2Ellen DeGeneres in Talks to Voice Dory in Finding Nemo 2

Ellen DeGeneres is currently in negotiations to reprise her role as the forgetful Purple Tang in Disney/Pixar's as-of-yet-unnamed upcoming Finding Nemo sequel. Though the busy talk show host  doesn't do much film work these days, she has, for years, expressed an interest in working on the film again as the lovable Dory.

The original Nemo, which grossed a whale-sized $868 million at the box office, is currently being reworked in 3D and is slated for a theatrical re-release in theaters next month. Director Andrew Stanton, who wrote the 2003 film (and also directed the recent cinematic flop, John Carter) with DeGeneres in mind to voice the character, will indeed be returning to direct the sequel which is to be penned by Victoria Strouse.

This bit of Pixar sequel news comes several months before the animation studio will feature Monsters University, a prequel of sorts to its wildly popular Monsters, Inc. from 2001. Following next summer's release of Monster Univerity, Pixar will get back to original content with Up director Bob Peterson's The Good Dinosaur.

The Rocketeer News

Disney Wants to Remake The Rocketeer

More Hollywood rehash news comes in the form of recent word that Disney is looking to reboot its cult-classic, The Rocketeer. Though it fared poorly at the box office upon its release back in 1991, the film has gained quite a fan following in the years since and Disney, most assuredly, are looking to capitalize on the recent success of other comic-themed, space adventures making big bags of box office money at the moment.

Though it's really a bit too early to form any strong opinions about whether Disney should or shouldn't reboot this thing, the studio has begun the process of trying out some writers with hopes of hitting upon a worthy script. Many will remember that Joe Johnson (of recent Captain America fame) directed the original, but no one has, as of yet, been attached to direct the reboot.

No matter who they get to write, direct or star in this reboot, let's hope they stick to the one aspect that has kept The Rocketeer in the minds of fans for so many years - it's just a great adventure film that can be watched with the entire family.

Kat Dennings

Kat Dennings is Returning for Thor 2

Following word that principles Chris Hemsworth and Natalie Portman, as well as co-stars Rene Russo and Idris Elba, will be returning for Thor: The Dark World, we got word recently that Kat Dennings just signed on to reprise her role as Darcy who was the friend of Jane Foster played by Natalie Portman in the first film. And it's sure to be well-accepted by her fans (or bad news for those who blamed her for what they perceived to be weaker Earth scenes) that her role this time around will be expanded. Most certainly, the studio is hoping that Dennings will bring her huge fan following over from her hit sitcom 2 Broke Girls.