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GHOSTBUSTERS 3 Finally Getting Underway?

Ghostbusters 3 NewsWith or without Bill Murray's involvement, Ghostbusters 3 finally seems to be moving forward. At least that's what Dan Aykroyd says. We know it's getting kind of tiresome hearing about the on-again off-again nature of this production, but this latest bit of news seems to have some legs of validity to it.

Appearing on Dennis Miller's radio show, Dan Aykroyd dropped some pretty detailed specifics about the long-gestating third installment of the ghost fighting franchise, including the hint that they want Murray involved, but are prepared to move forward with only his blessing. It's been rumored that Murray has been the main hold-up in getting this thing off the ground since, as one of the rights holders, he must give his greenlight to anything that happens with the Ghostbusters name on it. But it looks like things will proceed anyway.

When asked by Miller if they were going to start production on Ghostbusters 3, Aykroyd replied, "Ah yes, we will be doing the movie, and hopefully with Mr. Murray – that is our hope. We have an excellent script, and what we have to remember is that Ghostbusters is kind of bigger than any one component. Although Billy was absolutely the lead and was contributive to it in a massive way – as was the director [Ivan Reitman] and [Harold Ramis], myself, and all of us, Sigourney – the concept is bigger than an individual role. The promise of Ghostbusters 3 is that we get to hand the equipment and the franchise down to new blood -because my character, Ray, is now blind in one eye, can't drive the Cadillac, has a bad hip, a bad knee, can’t pick up the [proton pack] – Egon is too large to get into the harness – so we need young blood. And that’s the promise: we're going to hand it to a new generation. So yes, we will begin production in the Spring, I hope."

So, there you have it. Sounds pretty positive to us with a touch of persistence behind it. We can't imagine Murray holding the project back just to be a dick (even though that seems to be exactly what he's been doing), so hopefully he will either get in the mix directly, or at least just step aside and let the bags of money come rolling in. Then again, these 80s remakes aren't sure-fire things these days as those who were big fans of the originals are no longer the main cinema-going target demographic and have proven to be a pretty tough bunch to get into the theaters of late. A good script, great cast and an effective marketing campaign will be crucial to reviving a franchise that's been dead for over twenty years.

When asked about who he'd like to see take over the controls of the slime blowers, Aykroyd added the following: "I like this guy Matthew Gray Gubler from the 'Criminal Minds' show," he adds, "But there's going to be a casting. We're going to see everyone that wants to do it. We're going to need... three guys and a young woman." Anyone have their dress blown up by Matthew Gray Gubler? Didn't think so. Frankly, Ghostbusters without Bill Murray seems kind of pointless anyway, so let's hope he's fully involved.

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