Keanu Reeves says a Bill & Ted Sequel is in the worksDuring an interview at the Toronto International Film Festival, Keanu Reeves mentioned that a Bill & Ted sequel is in the works.

MTV was interviewing Reeves about his new film, Henry's crime starring Vera Farmiga, when The Matrix star let slip that not only is a draft of a third installment only weeks away, but that the plot will tie directly into the ending of Bogus Journey.

Of course, in the first installment, Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure, the dynamic duo would travel back in time and with the help of a man named Rufus (George Carlin), bring famous historical figures back for a school presentation. In the second film, Bill and Ted were supposed to have written a song that would save the universe. The new film picks up with their band, The Wyld Stallions, trying to become the best band band in the universe with hopes of saving the world.

A third installment sputtered back in 2007 after it got a director and writer but was never released, even on direct-to-DVD. So now we try again.

Without George Carlin, call us disinterested.