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The Bloody Man - Movie Review

The Bloody ManThe 1980s vibes are strong with this one!  From the synth score, the aesthetic; the opening late-for-the-bus routine as Sam (a spellbinding David Daniel) jogs through the neighborhood much like Ferris Bueller did; to the toys scattered on the shelves of his room.  The Bloody Man delivers horror by  ...

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Savage Sisters (1974) - Blu-ray Review

Savage Sisters (1974)

“Hands off, or your hand is ham and I’m the slicer!” Filipino filmmaker Eddie Romero might be dead, but his movies - being cheapo depot horror offerings, exploitative skin flicks, and action vehicles, live on.  Such is the case with Savage Sisters, an exploitation flick in title alone, which he directed in 1974, but ...

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DEMON SQUAD: Trailer Watch

Demon Squad

This June, paranormal investigator Nick Moon discovers the truth is stranger than fiction. Premiering June 24 on Mystery Science Theater 3000, Thomas Smith’s critically acclaimed DEMON SQUAD pits Nick Moon, P.I. against a wildly bizarre buffet of bad ...

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Potato Dreams of AmericaWes Hurley’s acclaimed Potato Dreams of America, which received a positive reception at its premiere at SXSW and its Los Angeles premiere at Outfest 2021, will be available in special limited-edition Blu-ray form June 21 from Dark Star Pictures and Vinegar Syndrome ...

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poser - Movie Review

PoserThis is a film all about the odd but beautiful sounds around you.  Quirky and full of a hell of a lot of inspired passion, poser, directed by Ori Segev and Noah Dixen (who also wrote the film), is both compelling and sometimes comic as the world of Columbus, Ohio’s underground art and music ...

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Lightyear - Movie Review

LightyearA large part of the fun and playfulness of the Toy Story films has always been the self-aware recognition that a human child’s playthings are inanimate objects that come to life when humans aren’t around – a great bit that has always served the franchise well ...

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Death Count - Movie Review

Death Count

Now, we are cooking with gas! How do you like your horror?  Hopefully, extra gory because Death Count, directed by Michael Su (Bloodthirst), written by Rolfe Kanefsky and Michael Merino, and produced by Michael and Sonny Mahal, who previously gave audiences Attack of the Unknown,  ...

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Watcher - Movie Review

WatcherThe new comedy starring Anne Hathaway and Rebel Wilson called The Hustle is an almost identical remake of the 1988 classic comedy Dirty Rotten Scoundrels which starred Michael Caine and Steve Martin - itself a remake of Marlon Brando’s Bedtime Story. I say “almost” because  ...

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The Northman - 4K UHD Blu-ray Review

The NorthmanWere you appalled by the viciousness of Kirk Douglas’ Einar character in 1958’s The Vikings? Was the “viking handkerchief” face washing scene in 1999’s The 13th Warrior one of the most disgusting things ever? Think you know what a viking is? You have no idea ...

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Isolated - Movie Review


Because you can’t be too careful now can you? Isolated (originally titles O9en Up) is NOT a film for the claustrophobic in you.  You will be clawing at the walls, begging to be released from its tight grip.  It is, surprisingly enough, a film for the science fiction nerd in you, though, AND  ...

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