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</script></div>{/googleAds}Horror/Comedy is not as easy nut to crack, and only the brave dare to try. But when it's done well, and adds that knowing wink of how ridiculous the subject matter is into its narrative, it can free the viewer to just run with it and have some fun.

A period long since past - the 50's B-Movie Era - saw a plethora of genre pictures that deliberately steered to the lowest common denominator of storytelling, usually within horror or sci-fi, and thrilled a generation of teens at the local drive-in or theatre. But for as long as this reviewer has been around, these type of pictures have been as rare as a prom queen at a Dungeon & Dragons Convention until...

2006 saw the release of a classic 50's style sci-fi gross-out romp with ‘Slither' and this year a 2007 Sundance Film Festival attention grabber has made its way to the DVD shelf: Teeth.

Taking the universally awkward but completely understood plight of the horny teenager as its base, this quirky independent film tells the story of Dawn (Jess Weixler) a young woman resolved to save her virginity until the day she weds. But pretty soon Dawn starts to feel those pangs of lust and slowly but surely finds herself in that position all find themselves in: wanting to abstain in her mind, but courting an ‘encounter' shall we say? No different to any other girl, right? The difference with young Dawney, though, is the inside of her vagina sports chompers like a Great White Shark, and when a young man decides he wants to go all the way - and Dawn doesn't man's greatest Freudian fear becomes reality. This begins a journey for our uniquely endowed heroin to discover why she is different and how this affects her initial point of view on the hush-hush topic of sex.

The script is layered with some courageous and successful elements. The character of Dawn is amusingly over the top to begin with and behaves like a buttoned up goody-goody from the 50's (a scene where her and some similarly chaste pals try and select a movie to watch is priceless). Juxtaposing her against the highly-sexed pop culture world and youth of today makes her plight all the more compelling. But in the end Dawn is human, with the desires and awakenings everyone has, only her internal battle to resist - and then make sense of - sex manifests into a cringe-worthy, original, funny, horror journey none of us God willing will ever face.

There is no film out there like this one it's a true stand out and destined for cult status. Although complaints have led to Wal-Mart taking the film off shelves, any furore over this film's subject matter is completely missing the point of it.

This is a film that adeptly explores the awkward topic of teenage sexual awakening with a tongue in cheek approach that allows the viewer to relax, accept the ludicrous metaphors, silly premise, and just have a good time. It's usually the girl that cringes behind the pillow of a horror flick, but prepare yourself, girls your fella is gonna squirm and steal the fluffy living room shield this time around!


DVD Details:

Screen Formats: 1.85:1

Subtitles: None

Language and Sound: English: English: Dolby Digital 5.1

Other Features: Color; interactive menus; scene access.

* Commentary
o Feature-length audio commentary with Mitchell Lichtenstein
* Featurettes
o Behind-the-Scenes (28:47)
* Deleted Scenes - (4:10) 5 scenes that didn't make the final cut with optional commentary

Number of Discs: 1 with Keepcase Packaging