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</script></div>{/googleAds}I have been a big fan of Michael Moore's since his first few films. As a writer and former news broadcaster, even the sometimes silly way he presents things, never changed my level of support and belief in his work. I believe that Fahrenheit 9/11, whether one is a Democrat, Republican, Conservative, Liberal, Libertarian, Independent or nothing at all, is a film that could benefit every American, including students. His latest film, Sicko, is the same type of expose style he is known for, but the difference is that it is a completely bipartisan approach. Thus, the audience that it will appeal to and benefit, is much larger.

I do not believe that any intelligent person would not understand or resonate with the facts presented in this film. Moore was careful to fact-check the data presented, and when he came tow-to-tow against CNN (a news organization that I regularly watch) - I was impressed with his bravado and fearlessness; the fact is, that CNN used different data than he did, to evaluate some of the statements in the film.

Sicko may be considered controversial, for its unabashed peering into our decrepit health care system - a system that ultimately exists only for those who are fortunate enough to have a decent employer-paid plan, afford them on your own, or have so much money that you don\'t need a health plan.

France, Canada and Cuba - made great showings for their health care system. While nothing is perfect, those countries seem to get the idea that taking care of their people is a priority; that health care should not be a privilege, but a right; and that it should be given to everyone, regardless of race, heritage, employment situation or social status. No intelligent person could really argue with that. I have always felt that tying in health care to a job was ridiculous. People become unemployed through no fault of their own, and whether or not they have health care, should not be dependent upon that.

Moore does a fantastic job in explaining how America s lack of enthusiasm about a universal health care plan affects everyone negatively, and how ridiculous it is that getting sick in this country, results in the financial ruin of so many people, many of whom wind up dying due to lack of care.

The correlation between the corporations behind the big drug companies and our government are astounding. It is evident that it is the reason why this nation does not believe it is a priority to care for its own people, unless there is an election and someone can get a few votes if it is addressed. That is a pitiful reason for our government to care.

Sicko is probably the most relevant, informational documentary that I have seen in a very long time, and I see a lot of documentaries.

Moore deftly handles a very serious matter, with shrewd accuracy, sensitivity, and humor. The balance was needed, or the film could have been too depressing to view.

The bottom line, is that as great as this country is, we always seem to find money for the greedy echelon; the caste system is set in stone in this country, as evidenced by always having enough money to continue to reward people who do not deserve it (such as CEOs who do not perform; government officials who have been convicted of crimes, and pouring money over celebrities and sports figures simply because someone believes they are selling movie tickets, shoes or some other silly non-needed item).

I would recommend this film for every American, particularly those entrusted with our government, and health care workers. We should be uniting on this issue, making health care a top priority in this country that it deserves.

© Susan S. Davis, 2007


DVD Details:

Screen formats: Widescreen Anamorphic 1.33:1

Subtitles: None

Language and Sound: English: Dolby Digital 2.0 Stereo

Other Features: Color; interactive menus; scene access.

* Featurettes
o Sicko Goes to Washington (8:42)
o This Country Beats France
o Uniquely American (4:37)
o Who Would Jesus Deny? (6:05)
o More with Mike and Tony Benn (16:17)
o A Different Kind of Hollywood Premiere (2:44)
o What If You Work for G.E. in France (3:27)
o Sister Mary Fidel (1:27)
* Trailer - original theatrical trailer for Sickp
* Music Video: Alone Without You performed by The Nightwatchmen

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