The Bat (1959)

Rabies is the least thing you need to worry about when The Bat flies into your town! Prepare for the camp to hit the ceiling in this forgotten cult classic, newly restored for its debut on blu-ray. The Film Detective, in association with Cinedigm, have unearthed a rare whodunnit gem which should be immediately added to anyone’s Vincent Price collection. The Bat, originally released alongside Hammer’s The Mummy, flies high again!

"Full of old school, creaky floor haunts, spills, and scares, The Bat is a mystery movie that is guaranteed to give you chills"

Dr. Malcolm Wells (Price) is a dangerous man, especially when it involves money. When told of his friend’s theft of securities from the local bank and his plan to pin it on the bank manager, Victor Bailey (Mike Steele, Revenge of the Cheerleaders), Wells, seeing an opportunity to make off with the stashed money himself, shoots him dead right then and there and covers up the murder.

Turns out, the good doctor is anything but, messing around with bats in his lab. The fingers are already pointed in accusatory fashion because there are a series of murders occuring by someone known as “the bat”, leaving claw-like marks on the throats of victims, if - in fact - their throats are even left intact.

Could the killer possibly be the doctor? Lieutenant Andy Anderson (Gavin Gordon) thinks so, going so far as to break into his lab and look around for clues. Anything that might connect him to the faceless killer ripping out the throats of young women in the town. Mystery author Cornelia Van Gorder (Agnes Moorehead) and her assistant, Lizzie Allen (Lenita Lane, The Mad Magician), both think the truth is more complicated than that. She’s not wrong either, especially when the summer home she’s renting, The Oaks, becomes the scene of a grisly series of murders involving blueprints, the location of the stolen securities, and a growing list of suspects.

Full of old school, creaky floor haunts, spills, and scares, The Bat is a mystery movie that is guaranteed to give you chills thanks to its haunting atmosphere - from cinematographer Joseph F. Biroz (Blazing Saddles) - and its fully-loaded cast, which includes Price, Agness Moorehead (Bewitched, Hush . . . Hush, Sweet Charlotte), Gavin Gordon (Murder by Invitation) and Darla Hood of the Our Gang comedies in her final film role. While Price sort of takes a backseat, this one is carried by the wonderfully engaged combo of Moorehead and Hood.The Bat (1959)

The predator has steel claws and rips his victims to shreds! But who is he? Vincent Price (House of Wax, The Last Man on Earth) thrills in this horror classic about a down­trodden country estate that becomes the site of a horrific murder.

Prolific writer/director Crane Wilbur (He Walked by Night, Crime Wave) helms this feature, alongside an impressive gallery of weirdos who are guaranteed to give you the creeps. Which of them is the mysterious killer known as "The Bat?” Restored from the original 35mm elements, this Special Edition Blu-ray/DVD combo lands in stores on October 25th.

Just in time to creep out all the Trick or Treaters who come to your door!

3/5 stars


The Bat (1959)

Blu-ray Details

Special Edition

Home Video Distributor: The Film Detective
Available on Blu-ray
- October 25, 2022
Screen Formats: 1.85:1
: English SDH
English language DTS-HD MA 2.0 Mono
Discs: Blu-ray Disc; single disc
Region Encoding: Locked to Region A

Vincent Price stars in this thriller about a down­trodden country estate that becomes the site of a horrific murder. Prolific writer/director Crane Wilbur (He Walked by Night, Crime Wave) helms this feature, with a cast that includes Agnes Moorehead, Gavin Gordon, and in her last film role, Darla Hood of the Our Gang comedies. But which of them is the mysterious killer known as “The Bat”? You’ll find out soon enough. But beware – the scream you hear may be your own!


The Bat is a highly anticipated release from The Film Detective label. Presented at 1.85:1, this pristine print is beautifully restored from an original 35mm composite acetate fine grain master and a 35mm nitrate print, the film has never looked better. Shadows are deep and punctuated throughout the grays to make this black-and-white gem feel new again. The film looks marvelous and works itself into a frenzy that pays off in the final moments. The crisp attention to the detail in the transfer is a bonus.


The English DTS-HD MA 2.0 Mono with Optional English Subtitles track is clean and free of hiss.



  • There is one from Jason Ney which fans of the feature will enjoy.

Special Features:

Notably, the release includes nine archival radio re-broadcasts featuring the iconic Price in everything from the popular radio drama Suspense to a comedic performance for CBS Radio Workshop in Speaking of Cinderella. Presented in partnership with Retro Entertainment. Also included is a full-color booklet with an essay, “The Case of The Forgotten Author,” by professor and film scholar Jason A. Ney, full-length commentary track by Jason A. Ney, all-new, original production, The Case for Crane Wilbur, by Ballyhoo Motion Pictures and nine archival radio episodes featuring Vincent Price.

  • Full Color Booklet with essay by Professor and Film Scholar, Jason A. Ney
  • Full-length commentary track by Jason A. Ney
  • All new original featurette production by Ballyhoo Motion Pictures
  • Nine Archival radio episodes featuring Vincent Price

Blu-ray Rating

  Movie 3/5 stars
  Video  4/5 stars
  Audio 3/5 stars
  Extras 3/5 stars

Composite Blu-ray Grade

3/5 stars

Film Details

The Bat (1959)

MPAA Rating: Unrated.
80 mins
: Crane Wilbur
Crane Wilbur
Vincent Price; Agnes Moorehead; Gavin Gordon
: Horror
When Someone SCREAMS ... It Will Be YOU!
Memorable Movie Quote: "When you refer to my books, please don't call me "Miss Corny""
Theatrical Distributor:
Allied Artists Pictures (1959)
Official Site:
Release Date:
August 9, 1959
DVD/Blu-ray Release Date:
October 25, 2022.
Synopsis: Description: In The Bat, mystery writer Cornelia van Gorder (Agnes Moorehead, TV's Bewitched, Hush … Hush, Sweet Charlotte, Citizen Kane) resides in a town terrorized by a mysterious murderer known only as "The Bat," said to be a man with no face who kills women at night by ripping out their throats with steel claws.


The Bat (1959)