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The Suckling (1990) - Blu-ray

When in doubt, Big Mama knows!  This is what happens when AWFUL becomes ART. 

I can hear the pro-lifers waxing poetic about this trashterpiece now.  A woman’s aborted fetus attacks her.  I mean, what better “I told you so” moment could there be?  Nevermind, those assholes wouldn’t get past the flying dildo scene as it is whipped and pulled back to the hooker who then rams it up her paying customer’s ass. 

"So many wacky things are happening in this house of ill-repute that having a fetus mingle with some radioactive goo seems perfectly logical"


This is the territory of The Suckling, a film that deals with a back alley abortion performed by a woman known as Big Mama (Janet Sovey) and is all sorts of hilarious as a house full of idiots tries to survive the fetus monster that is crawling around and attacking them.

So many wacky things are happening in this house of ill-repute that having a fetus mingle with some radioactive goo seems perfectly logical.  The fetus, appearing quite large, is flushed down a toilet where it enters the sewer system.  Once there, the lifeless fetus is absolutely covered in a bunch of thick goop and, suddenly, it is alive and crying, mutating into something quite weird and oh so very angry.

The Suckling is BORN!  And , thanks to Vinegar Syndrome, this trashy exploitation gem arrives on blu-ray with a brand-new 2K scanned and restored transfer.  The film is full of freaks and really bad actors.  It is also so refreshingly brilliant in its lousy execution that it can’t help but be anything but a cult flick.{googleads}

Hilarious in its oddity, The Suckling is a film that requires you to be five or six beers spent before even watching it.  The laughter is immediate and so too is the craziness as the fetus, now covered in toxic goo, starts growing claws, getting big, and begins the hunt for its mama.  It is deformed, big-eyed, and all sorts of pissed about being flushed. 

And then it attacks.  One victim of this monster gets her head yanked off and then pulled down the toilet.  The others in the house find themselves trapped by its shield of mucus as it has locked them in by covering all exits with its nasty slime .  This horror-comedy is monster-sized and entertaining as hell.  You can feel the inspiration pouring out from it.  Unfortunately, the film is an incompetent pile of cinematic rubbish, making it goofy and completely out of its skull. The Suckling (1990) - Blu-ray

Written and directed by Francis Teri (Flesh-Eating Mothers, Head Games), The Suckling stars Frank Rivera, Marie Michaels, Gerald Preger and features a pretty great piano-based score from Joseph Teri.  The gore and the effects are pretty gnarly (and all practical) as the aborted monster fetus slides through drains, across sinks, and avoids being captured by the trapped survivors in the whorehouse.  Somehow, though, these creeps are going to have to work together in order to defend themselves from the aborted monster loose in the house.

Have toilet will travel!  The Suckling is back from the grave.  The special limited edition embossed slipcover, designed by Earl Kessler Jr., is limited to 1,500 units and is only available at VinegarSyndrome.com.  Get your copy now!

5 beers


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The Suckling (1990) - Blu-ray

MPAA Rating: R.
98 mins
: Francis Teri
Francis Teri
Frank Rivera, Marie Michaels, Gerald Preger
: Horror
He'll always be mommy's little mutant.
Memorable Movie Quote:
Theatrical Distributor:

Official Site:
Release Date:
DVD/Blu-ray Release Date:
March 26, 2019
Synopsis: After being tricked into having an abortion at Big Mama’s underground abortion clinic / brothel, a young woman’s extracted fetus is flushed into the sewer system wherein it’s exposed to toxic waste and begins to mutate into an ever growing and increasingly bloodthirsty monster. The girls, johns and other assorted weirdos find themselves trapped inside the brothel where they are forced to face off against the agitated, prenatal creature, as well as each other, in a high stakes quest to stay alive, or at least in one piece..



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The Suckling (1990) - Blu-ray


Blu-ray Details:

Home Video Distributor: Vinegar SYndrome
Available on Blu-ray
- March 26, 2019
Screen Formats: 1.85:1
: English SDH
English:  DTS-HD Master Audio 2.0 
Discs: Blu-ray Disc; Two-disc set; DVD Copy
Region Encoding: Locked to Region A

Newly scanned & restored in 2k from its 16mm original camera negative, The Suckling looks as fleshy as its going to ever get.  Lots of love went into the restoration and it shows.  The region free Blu-ray/DVD combo looks incredible.  Black levels are consistent and so, too, are the colors.  The new 1080p transfer is crisp with defined edges. Colors are vivid and fine details are noticeable. Skin tones are warm. Occasionally, the red tones overcompensate in some areas, but a sharp-looking release nonetheless. The faithful English DTS-HD Master Audio 2.0 track is an incredible accompaniment to the feature.



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Special Features:

On top of the limited edition slipcover, purchasers get a nice collection of supplemental material designed to educate and entertain!

  • Video interview with writer/director Francis Teri
  • Video interview with Michael Gingold (writer at Fangoria & Rue Morgue and played the ‘mature’ Suckling)
  • Archival image gallery
  • Reversible cover artwork



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The Suckling (1990) - Blu-ray



The Suckling (1990) - Blu-ray[/tab]