Event Horizon: Collector's Edition

It is the year 2047 and, somewhere near Neptune, a missing research vessel has reappeared.  It is up to the rescue ship, Lewis & Clark, to investigate its sudden reappearance and, with vital signs detected and a chill in the air, it is confirmed that what is on board is definitely not human.

Does this sound familiar?  It should.  Event Horizon is back in circulation.

"takes its Solaris-like influences and smashes them all upside a Clive Barker designed snow globe until the damn thing breaks open, leaving a trail of blood and glass."

Director Paul W.S. Anderson is not known for his subtle nods to his influences BUT what begins as a straightforward Alien rehash turns rather splendidly into a space-age gothic thriller - complete with fog, cigars, leather, AND lightning - as Sam Neill, Laurence Fishburne, Kathleen Quinlan, Richard T. Jones, Jason Isaac, and Sean Pertwee face down a living ship which treats its humans as a massive virus strain that it definitely wants to purge.

Sometimes we get it wrong.  Critics AND audiences are not immune to fallibility.  Sometimes, especially when it comes to science fiction flicks, concepts are just way too far ahead of their intended targets to do much of anything but MISS.  And with this film - which is essentially Stephen King novel in SPACE by way of HELL - yeah, it’s fairly easy to say we just weren’t ready for the idea of a gravity drive which folds time and space for easier, experimental travel.

This is EXACTLY what happened to Event Horizon.  The film, released in the early fall of 1997, came and went in multiplexes and no one even batted an eye in its wake.  It was just another ho-hum release and Anderson, who had just put out Mortal Kombat, failed to see any immediate success from it. 


Event Horizon: Collector's EditionBecause time is on Event Horizon's side and now, thanks to its growing cult following and Shout! Factory, Event Horizon reappears on our screens - just like the research vessel which carries its namesake - in this Collector’s Edition which features a new 4K scan of the original camera negative and plenty of BRAND-NEW interviews from its cast and crew, including Anderson and its screenwriter, Philip Eisner.

From great FAR-OUT visuals to a growing sense of dread as the crew’s worst fears come to life, Event Horizon takes its Solaris-like influences and smashes them all upside a Clive Barker designed snow globe until the damn thing breaks open, leaving a trail of blood and glass.  It is not a movie to be underestimated, which is what a lot of us did in its early hours . . . including Paramount, who heavily edited Anderson’s original nightmarish vision for this space film.

Event Horizon is demonic on a deep space level and now it is devilishly licking its lips thanks to Shout! Factory.

4/5 stars

 Event Horizon: Collector's Edition

Blu-ray Details

Home Video Distributor: Shout! Factory
Available on Blu-ray
- March 23, 2021
Screen Formats: 2.39:1
: English SDH
English: DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1; English: DTS-HD Master Audio 2.0
Discs: Blu-ray Disc; single disc
Region Encoding: Locked to Region A

Its name: Event Horizon. The high-tech, pioneering research spacecraft mysteriously vanished without a trace on its maiden voyage seven years ago. But a weak, persistent signal from the long-missing craft prompts a rescue team, headed by the intrepid Captain Miller (Laurence Fishburne), to wing its way through the galaxy on a bold rescue mission. Accompanying Miller is his elite crew and the lost ship's designer (Sam Neill). What they uncover is unimaginable interstellar horror.


The new 4K scan of the original camera negative reveals so much depth that it is worth the purchase - especially if you were skeptical of the film to begin with.  The deep atmospheres here are intoxicating and Shout! Factory captures all and more.  Presented in a crisp 1080p transfer, the new scan of the original negative, presented in a 1.85:1 aspect ratio, is a thing of pristine beauty.  This thriller is just popping with grisly images thanks to its robust production design!  The film is dominated with reds and greens that absolutely burst with color.  It’s a dark film, for sure, but the costumes are detailed and the simple backgrounds burst with new details and a nice level of clarity.  Black levels are solid and skin tones are natural.  Shadows are defined and the film has a new depth previously unseen.


Those DEEP SPACE engines RUMBLE thanks to the robust DTS-HD MA 5.1 and 2.0 mono soundtrack.  Everything is clear and the dialogue is never lost or hard to hear.



  • See Special Features.

Special Features:

This Collector’s Edition is proof positive that the filmmakers had it right all along.  They kick off with GREAT NEW interviews and continue on, offering what came before in previous releases.  All of this is worth your money!                                   

  • NEW 4K Scan Of The Original Camera Negative
  • NEW Reflecting On Hell – An Interview With Director Paul W.S. Anderson
  • NEW Ghost Galleon – An Interview With Writer Philip Eisner
  • NEW Organized Chaos – An Interview With Actress Kathleen Quinlan
  • NEW Compassion In Space – An Interview With Actor Jack Noseworthy
  • NEW The Doomed Captain – An Interview With Actor Peter Marinker
  • NEW Space Cathedral – An Interview With Production Designer Joseph Bennett
  • NEW Something New – An Interview With Set Decorator Crispian Sallis
  • NEW Taking Care Of It – An Interview With Production Manager Dusty Symonds
  • NEW Reinforcements – An Interview With Second Unit Director Robin Vidgeon
  • NEW Almost Real – An Interview With Location Manager Derek Harrington
  • NEW Screams From The Cosmos – An Interview With Sound Designer Campbell Askew
  • Audio Commentary With Director Paul W.S. Anderson And Producer Jeremy Bolt
  • The Making Of Event Horizon – A 5-Part Documentary
  • The Point Of No Return – A 4-Part Look At The Filming Of Event Horizon With Narration By Paul W.S. Anderson
  • Secrets – Deleted And Extended Scenes With Director's Commentary
  • The Unseen Event Horizon – The Un-Filmed Rescue Scene And Conceptual Art With  Director's Commentary
  • Theatrical Trailer
  • Video Trailer

Blu-ray Rating

  Movie 5/5 stars
  Video  4/5 stars
  Audio 4/5 stars
  Extras 4/5 stars

Overall Blu-ray Experience

4/5 stars

Film Details

Event Horizon: Collector's Edition

MPAA Rating: R for strong violence and gore, language and some nudity.
96 mins
: Paul W.S. Anderson
Phillip Eisner
Laurence Fishburne, Sam Neill, Kathleen Quinlan
: Sci-fi | Thriller
Infinite space - Infinite terror.
Memorable Movie Quote: "Have you ever seen fire in zero gravity?"
Theatrical Distributor:
Paramount Pictures
Official Site:
Release Date:
August 15, 1997
DVD/Blu-ray Release Date: March 23, 2021.
Synopsis: A rescue crew investigates a spaceship that disappeared into a black hole and has now returned...with someone or something new on-board.


Event Horizon: Collector's Edition