Doomsday Stories (2023)

The introduction to this low budget feast tells us all we need to know . . .

The great virus started in 2019. In the first 2 years almost 5 million people died worldwide. In 2022 a new strain hit and 5 million people a month were dying. No vaccine was effective. This created high gas prices, food shortage and war. Nothing really mattered anymore. People were dying of starvation and disease and nations were at war. In 2025 a final strain called "Meanies'' pretty much wiped out mankind. Only 8,000 people worldwide survived. Meanies was a man made virus meant to help cure people, but instead created mutants and savages that outnumbered the humans.

One man, Zorack, survived this Hell on Earth. He was neither good nor bad but in this society who can judge. He did what he could to survive. Now 30 years later after the great rising of Balrog, he lives the simple life hidden away. The meanies died out and very few live to cause any problems. Zorack over the years has hidden from what is left of society. He would like to share stories from the old world. This is Doomsday Stories.”

"an apocalyptic nightmare in which there literally is no escape"

Beginning with a literal EXPLOSION, Phil Herman’s Doomsday Stories exists in the demented ether of all our post-apocalyptic fears.  It is an anthology of digitally shot horror stories, all revolving around the diary of one survivor of the plague which ultimately birthed a whole lot of mutants who waged war on mankind, hence Balrog and his army of Meanies. 

Like Romero’s The Crazies before it, Doomsday Stories is an apocalyptic nightmare in which there literally is no escape.  Once it begins, even the audience is caught up in survival mode.  The nightmare is for real and its consequences are the meat in this collection of effective horror stories.  Directed by Derek Braasch, Marcelko Fabani, Phil Herman, James Panetta, and Joel D. Wynkoop, the stories that make up this 120-minute feature are brutal, at times brilliant in their low-fi techniques, and completely off their rocker as different internations of the end of times are lensed. Doomsday Stories (2023)

Starring Justin Bower, Lillian Lamour, Debbie D., Jim Ewald, Chandra Mouli Nandy, Phil Herman, Joel D. Wynkoop, Alba O’Neil, and Constance Payne, Doomsday Stories is full of cool make-up effects, solidly handled drone shots, and music from The Donner Party.  It is a low budget collection of horror tales, for sure, but the anthology definitely works in creating an atmosphere where survival - against all the odds - is possible.

As a horror junkie, Doomsday Stories is right up my alley.  Each story delivers on what that introduction promises: post-apocalyptic horrors playing upon a sense of outdated humanity.  There’s nothing but the gristle left here in these survivors yet they continue to cling to hope and it shows as characters are played as pawns in other people’s lives. 

And they survived for what?

Doomsday Stories will be available to purchase directly from Phil Herman or Joel D Wynkoop on Facebook messenger for $20.  You read it here first!

4/5 beers

Film Details

Doomsday Stories (2023)

MPAA Rating: Unrated.
120 mins
: Derek Braasch ; Marcelo Fabani; Phil Herman; James Panetta; Joel D. Wynkoop
Derek Braasch; Debbie D; Marcelo Fabani;  Phil Herman; Nina Trader; Joel D. Wynkoop
Lillian Lamour; Joel D. Wynkoop; Debbie D
: Horror

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Release Date:
February 10, 2023
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Synopsis: A survivor in an Apocalyptic world tells stories leading to the end of the world.


Doomsday Stories (2023)