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Hatched - Movie Review


When dinosaurs attack!

Basking in the B-movie glory of low budget cinema's yesteryear, Hatched arrives just in time to keep all of our Jurassic asses in line as the summer starts and the quarantine masks start coming off.  Leave it to the British to bring back the absolutely CRACKED theatrics of the mad scientist flick.

"Basking in the B-movie glory of low budget cinema's yesteryear, Hatched arrives just in time to keep all of our Jurassic asses in line as the summer starts and the quarantine masks start coming off"


Directors Scott Jeffrey (Dinosaur Hotel) and Rebecca J. Matthews (The Candy Witch) dig up the fun and the carnage with Hatched, a fun monster movie about a scientist who manages to bring the dinosaurs back to life.  They are even loose in his house!  The suspense and ridiculousness is at an all time high throughout this low budget (but extremely entertaining) affair, but it works to create a madcap return to 1950s science fiction cheesiness that some audiences (like me) will appreciate.

We don’t get much of an explanation as to the how and why of this regeneration of sorts and, truly, we don’t need them as Simon (Thomas Loone, Clownface), within the first few minutes of the movie, gets eaten by a raging tyrannosaurus rex that he has somehow “raised” on his remote farm.  While the effects might be cheap, the CGI works in creating just the right atmosphere for a movie that has quite a few tricks up its sleeve thanks to Simon, the mad scientist at the center of this flick, and his creations.  

You see, Simon has been a busy boy.  His isolated laboratory is filled with petri dishes of failed experiments and his notebooks are scribbled with gobbledygook about gene proteins and so on.  The point is that his obsession has gotten the best of him and his rural existence.  Or was this all according to plan?  Hmmmm.  

On this farm, though, there are no cows in the barn.  Only raptors and, as Simon’s only just discovered his dead wife - who seems to have gotten ripped apart by a rampaging raptor which has escaped its shackles - the tragedy in the opening moments of this wild film is that he dies in front of his son, Mark (Marshall Hawkes), whom we will find out later about.  Mysterious, no?!Hatched

But when the estranged relatives descend on the farm, all hell breaks loose thanks to what Simon’s out of control wonderland holds on its expanse.  Their puzzlement over Mark’s presence ought to be your first clue as to what Simon’s been up to . . . but it won't be the only surprise!

With no one to turn to, the family calls in the troops to put an end to the creatures roaming about.  Simon’s secrets are revealed courtesy of a video diary he has recorded.  Will it be enough to help out Sergeant Fletcher (David Castleford) and scientist Luna (Nicole Nabi) bring an end to these dinosaurs?  

Because it seems nothing can stop these prehistoric predators from stomping heads and snacking on guts on their way to the BIG city and the BRIGHT lights where total destruction awaits.

Prepare for Prehysteria this July when the discovery of a lifetime threatens ALL of humanity! Hatched premieres on DVD and Digital July 6 from Uncork’d Entertainment.

3/5 stars

 Film Details


MPAA Rating: Unrated.
80 mins
: Scott Jeffrey; Rebecca Matthews
Craig McLearie
Megan Purvis; Ricardo Freitas; Nicola Wright
: Horror | Sci-fi
Thee discovery of a lifetime could destroy mankind.
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Uncork’d Entertainment.
Official Site:
Release Date:
July 6, 2021
DVD/Blu-ray Release Date:

Synopsis: Something has been discovered, and this time, a city is under attack by a fast growing T-Rex.




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