Chronice 2 Script moving forward

Despite recent talks to the contrary, it sounds like the sequel to the indie hit Chronicle is moving along nicely. Not that every surprise hit needs to be revisited, but as long as the major studios think so, it's always good news when a screenwriter and studio are on the same page. At least that's what they're telling us, anyway.

Speaking to IGN earlier this week, Chronicle screenwriter Max Landis explained that his father, legendary filmmaker John Landis, was speaking out of turn when he addressed the controversy surrounding Chronicle 2, as well as the artistic disagreements between studio and writer.

"Chronicle 2 is in an interesting place right now. It's moving along," explained Max Landis. "There was this whole announcement that they wanted to just do the same thing again because my father said that. My father is not involved in Chronicle 2. He doesn't know the process. It was not his place to say that."

This sounds a bit like lip service and damage control to us, directed from the studio to hopefully remove any negativity surrounding the project. After all, it's perfectly in form for studio suits to demand a simple re-do of the same movie (just look at The Hangover and Taken franchises for example), but Max reveals that he and the studio are on the same page - so to speak - with regards to the script. Says Max Landis, “the report came out that they didn't like my script. They liked my script. It's just a really dark script. The question is more of 'How do we all compromise to get something we want?' And that's an incredibly slow process.”

The part about the script being really dark certainly sounds appealing, and we'll know who won that compromise battle when we find out just how "dark" the sequel turns out to be and by just how much is resembles the original.

The possibilities of where they can take this thing are endless, but we hope some questions are answered and new scenarios addressed. Such as finding out exactly what it was in that hole that gave Andrew and his friends the telekinetic powers, and perhaps tracking it back to its origins. Or what if they were to find out they weren't the only ones who had come into contact with the mysterious object. What if more of those objects exist elsewhere on Earth?

It's certainly understandable that the guys behind the money are averse to wild-assed risk-taking. I mean if I'm pitching in my fifty bucks, I want a sure thing too. But haven't we just about run this whole found footage thing into the ground? And don't forget what you did to Spider-Man 3. We certainly haven't.

It will probably be quite a while before Chronicle 2 finally sees the light of day as director Josh Trank is in the middle of his Fantastic Four reboot that was recently given a March 6, 2015 release date, and Max Landis is working on his directorial debut, a films called Me Him Her. So there's plenty of time for the two sides to squabble over what kind of film they want to make. But we all know, even if Fox has its way and they churn out a low quality rehash, it will still make tons of money. Sequels always do.