The Killing Gets Killed

The Killing gets cancelledIn what should come as a shock to no one, AMC announced that they will not be renewing the perpetual "red herring" formulaic The Killing. The series began in 2011 and had a promising start. For those who cast it aside like every other AMC show that isn't The Walking Dead or Breaking Bad or Mad Men, The Killing centered around two detectives investigating the murder of teenager Rosie Larsen, and ran for two seasons eventually solving the murder at the conclusion of the second season via what I like to call the "Who Shot Mr. Burns?" formula from the 90s - i.e. having the actual killer be the least plausible (spoiler: It was the aunt).

It's possible this is all just one more red herring in the vein of the show. Next month AMC could announce a third season but declare it airing at a different time, then change it a week later and break it up into five 10 minute shorts spaced across the week in rotating times that you can't figure out, OR - better yet - bring the show back and make the mayor be the actual killer, because that was the only one that made sense.

In other AMC news, Rubicon is still cancelled.

Out of the Office

The Office gets a shake upThings are shaking up with the dead horse known as The Office. The long running, once hysterical, mockumentary has seen its fair share of line up changes in the last few years. We're over a year removed from Steve Carell's departure, and the remaining talent seems to be dropping like flies. Rainn Wilson's Dwight Schrute is rumored to take on his own series spin-off, and of course the ever annoying Mindy Kaling gets her own series called The Mindy Project (premieres Sept. 25th) . With eyes still rolling, the beloved underdog Toby played by Paul Lieberstein is set to depart soon, as will co-writer/Ryan B.J. Novak though he'll still maintain a recurring part time role.

Out with the old, in the with the new though - The Office will add Jake Lacy (formerly of Better With You) and Clark Duke (Hot Tub Time Machine). No word yet on their roles officially, but the only assumption left is that they'll just be workers and one of them will develop a love interest in Pam because that's what everyone does. Eventually everyone on the show will have their own spin-off thankfully. It's comforting to know that we can look forward to the zany sexual adventures of Meredith Palmer as she concocts devious plots to snatch up recent divorcees and soccer coaches at PTA meetings... actually that might be kind of funny.. and gross at the same time.

Trust Us With Your Life Cancellation (Not)Improvised

Fred Willard charged with lewd conductFollowing the embarrassing lewd conduct charge against its funnyman host Fred Willard, ABC is pulling the remaining episodes of the improv show Trust Us With Your Life and filling in the spot with reruns of the reality show Wipeout. Willard, 72, was busted for lewd conduct on July 18th at an adult theater in Los Angeles. He's filing for a diversion so that he's not formally charged, but he's lost his narrator position as well with PBS' Market Warriors.

The news isn't very shocking, but perhaps it's a bit unwarranted considering Charlie Sheen still has a job in Hollywood and he's the biggest coke headed pervert on Earth. Willard will no doubt bounce back with bit parts in comedic films as that old man everyone is creeped out by.