Ultimate Marvel Marathon

Looks like May 3rd is shaping up to be the Marvel Comics doomsday as AMC Theaters is cooking up the Ultimate Marvel Marathon in which the studio will screen six epic Marvel movies back-to-back leading up to the midnight screening of The Avengers 3D.

The night won't be cheap though, with tickets for the event being sold as we speak for a whopping forty bucks. But all things considered, the opportunity to wallow for fifteen straight hours in one's soppy pants soiled with righteous Marvel geekdom promises to be a great value. And no, renting all six films from Netflix or Redbox for 10 bucks won't be the same.

The day will start out at 11:30 on May 3rd with a screening of Iron Man, followed by The Incredible Hulk, and Iron Man 2. Then the crowd will be asked to sport the provided 3D specs for Thor and Captain America which will be presented in eye-popping 3D. The extended affair will be capped off by the 3D screening of Marvels highly-anticipated ensemble super-hero flick, The Avengers in 3D.

Limited engagement tickets went on sale yesterday at midnight at select AMC theaters in the following cities: Boston; Burbank; Anaheim; Aventura, FL; New York, Paramus, NJ; Lake Buena Vista, FL, San Francisco; Lynnwood, WA; and McLean. VA. Don't see your home town listed? AMC is working on lining up more theaters and will make that announcement and provide tickets for sale at those locations on March 16th.

In the meantime, assemble your team for the event, visit the AMC Marathon website (which was broken at the time of publishing), revel in the full-color gloriosity of the poster below, and stay tuned for more announcements as the Marvel Marathon nears.

Ultimate Marvel Marathon