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Mummy Reborn - Movie Review

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Mummy Reborn - Movie Review

Finally, a reintroduction to the mythos of the mummy with cheeky humor and excessive gore! 

Beginning with a quote from Kanye West, “Nothing in life is promised except death”, Mummy Reborn has quite the opening hot tub sequence.  As a shadow descends over the tub, two teens and their night together, with a bit of the bubbly, is about to go south real fast.  And it is all due to the desires of the Mummified One.  Intestines!  Head crushing!  And a cool title sequence!  In about four minutes, Mummy Reborn proves its own worth.

And it only gets better from there. 

Complete with a clever redesign of its titular monster and a sharp sense of humor, Mummy Reborn is an exciting horror flick from High Octane Pictures.  It should NOT be missed.  The film, while tackling serious subjects for its young cast, doesn't really have a serious bone in its body.  That point is made clearer as the dealings with the bandaged beast rage on and on and out survivors "Rambo" it up and go after him.

"Intestines!  Head crushing!  And a cool title sequence!  In about four minutes, Mummy Reborn proves its own worth"

Written and directed by Dan Allen (Unhinged), the horror film revolves around Tina (Tiffany-Ellen Robinson) who is struggling with way too many responsibilities at too early of an age.  She’s also in over her head financially thanks to the number of bills that her recently deceased mother left her and her handicapped brother, Max (Victor Toth), with.   

Immediately, thanks to the acting of both Robinson and Toth, we are brought into the drama that kicks off Mummy Reborn.  Things have to get better for these two, right?  Wrong.

When Tina’s second job closes shop, Tina and her friends turn to crime in order to make ends meet.  See, she works for an antique store and when she realizes the value of some of the items, well, all bets are off.  Her boyfriend, Luke (Chris Kayle) has ideas of what to do with the merchandise she has just priced; they just need the perfect opportunity to steal it.

Which is how the gang gets a hold of an ancient amulet and the tomb that goes along with it . . .

. . . uh-oh. Because, little do they know that they have just fucked themselves with the stealing of the amulet.  There’s no escaping the curse now.

When Max accidentally breaks the amulet, smoke rises from the tomb of the mummy (Will Dodd) and the bandaged beast, rising in time to catch a lovemaking session, leaves its wooden casket.  What follows is a series of fun-natured thrills and kills as the mummy goes about his business and kill, kill, kills his way to a new modern-day legacy. Mummy Reborn - Movie Review

Now, the group – backed by a rocking score – must fight to save the world . . . or just themselves.

Co-written by Scott Jeffrey and featuring fine performances from Becca Hirani (The House on Elm Lake), Tara MacGowran (Mandy the Doll), and Rita Siddiqui (Pet Graveyard), this Proportion Productions release is both thrilling and fun.  It is quick-witted, snappy in its execution, and, as a bonus, has microwave “dings” for each and every time stamp.  This is the territory for Mummy Reborn

Wrapped with plenty of laughs and gore, Mummy Reborn will be available on VOD and DVD April 4 from High Octane Pictures.

A horror legend returns!

4/5 stars

Mummy Reborn - Movie Review

MPAA Rating: R.
98 mins
: Dan Allen
Dan Allen
Tara MacGowran, Rita Siddiqui, Becca Hirani
: Horror
He has risen to take back what is his.
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High Octane Pictures
Official Site: 
Release Date:
April 4, 2019
DVD/Blu-ray Release Date:

Synopsis: Tina has stolen an ancient tomb with her friends from an antique store. Little do the group know, they have just awoken... The Mummy!

Mummy Reborn - Movie Review


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Mummy Reborn - Movie Review

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