Small Engine Repair - Movie Review

Fiendishly entertaining

Malignant - Movie Review

Absolutely CRACKERS . . . in all the right ways.

Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings - Movie Review

An absolute thrill from start to finish

Candyman - Movie Review

Not a terrifying experience

In the Heights - 4K UHD Blu-ray Review


Overboard - Blu-ray Review

Hysterically on-point with its comedy

Luca - 4K UHD Review

A nostalgic trip back to our childhood

Speed (1994) - 4K UHD Blu-ray Review

A stellar new 2160p transfer

New on Blu-ray

Small Engine Repair - Movie Review

Small Engine Repair

“What goes on the internet stays there forever, pal!” Never have those words rung as true as they do in the new film from writer/director John Pollono called Small Engine Repair. And never before have we seen the consequences of the internet’s ornery persistence play out in such a fiendishly entertaining ...

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Zola - Blu-ray Review

ZolaIn case you missed the now (in)famous twitter thread from back in 2015 written by then mostly unknown waitress/stripper A’Ziah-Monae “Zola” King – who now acts as the film’s producer, you can get yourself caught up on one of the most bizarre weekend road trip stories since the Hoover family ...

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Needle in a TimestackNetflix follows its short teaser that debuted earlier this month with the full trailer for the reboot of Benji, the popular Joe Camp written and directed film of the '70s that launched Benji-mania into American consciousness and carved a place for scruffy little puppies into the hearts of ...

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Royal Jelly - Movie Review

Royal JellyThis is what grooming looks like when taken to the next level.  Forget petty crimes, Horror Hounds, Aster - who hangs out with the bees (not the birds) - is about to find herself in the thick of it thanks to a diseased hive and her mysterious mentor’s conniving plan to make her the next queen! ...

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Trailer Watch – WEST SIDE STORY

West Side StoryHere it is, folks. The moment we've all been waiting for. 20th Century just dropped the official full trailer for Steven Spielberg's remake of the 1961 classic film, West Side Story. And you can check it out below ...

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Trailer Watch - BINGO HELL

Bingo HellUNSETTLE IN and watch the official trailer and check out the poster for the horror thriller Bingo Hell from Amazon Studios and Blumhouse Television’s second installment of WELCOME TO THE BLUMHOUSE, a collection of spine-chilling thrillers developed and produced  ...

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In the Heights - 4K UHD Blu-ray Review

In the HeightsCrazy Rich Asians director Jon M. Chu teams up with Tony-Award winning playwright Lin-Manuel Miranda to bring this year’s most electrifying film to theaters and HBO Max. In the Heights is a beautifully orchestrated celebration of diversity, heritage, and the Latin culture that just might be  ...

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Malignant - Movie Review

MalignantThe intense stage lighting. The stylized production design. The black gloved-hand killer. The dramatic and often weirdly over-stylized music with electronic throbbing Goblin-like rhythm and pulses.  And, yes, the buckets of blood splashed everywhere.  If this were the 1970s, the best decade for  ...

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It Came From Below - Movie Review

It Came From Below

Miles Below The Earth. It Was Awakened.   There is a lot more to people than just what shows on the surface.  It is going to take Jessie and her friends a trip underground to realize this.  It Came From Below, with a solid creature design at its center, is a psychological thriller from award-winning ...

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Escape To The Cove - Movie Review

Escape To The CoveWriter and director Robert Enriquez’s Escape To The Cove is both prophetic and disturbing in its vision of mankind’s future.  Consider the opening in which a family photograph is splattered with mucus or something spit up from an infected human being.  That’s right, Escape To The Cove is a timely ...

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