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Monster Force Zero

It’s Monster Force Zero vs. The Destroyers of Destruction to see who has what it takes to save the world from Doctor Eeche (Rachel Darden) in this intergalactic battle of the ages!  

That’s right, in this fun comedy which throws elements of The Last Starfighter and The Zero Boys into its winning mix, a dysfunctional ragtag group of sci-fi cosplayers - complete with a failing comic book to market - get their shot to be real superheroes and save the Earth from certain destruction!

"Time to get your superhero fix on!  Monster Force Zero does not disappoint."

Calvin “A.I.” Cashill (Adam Singer, The Jurassic Dead), Ammorama (Aeon Cruz, Terror Tales) and Kadabra (Dalena Nguyen) can’t seem to draw any crowds with their comic book at the Galaxy Fest Comic-Con.  The only attention they manage to drum up arrives when the team find themselves in the middle of a cosmic tournament against Gunns Lazer (Heath C. Heine, Dragon Soldiers, Rage of the Mummy) and his Destroyers of Destruction.

This tournament has them joining forces with a yeti (Shale Le Page) with moon boots and traversing a treacherous course where they win their comic book powers and then, because they were chosen for a reason, must save the world from some cosmic baddies hellbent on dominating everything within reach.  It’s a monster-sized movie in two parts as first (a) the team gets their powers and then (b) find themselves in the fight of their lives against glowing-eyed dinosaurs . . . and it’s all for choice sitting at The Intergalactic House of Pancakes! Monster Force Zero

Director Nathan Letteer’s Monster Force Zero - which was written by Michele Pacitto, Tyson Kroening, and Letteer - is fun and charming and light years above other VOD offerings thanks to its earnestness, its cosmic comedy, and its solid 80s aesthetic - which is aided by an awesome soundtrack from 20SIX Hundred, featuring songs by Occams Laser, Bourgeoisie, and Pearfinch.

Opening with an out of this world set-up in which we see aliens battling dinosaurs out in the wilderness, Monster Force Zero might be low in its budget, but it’s creativity is at an all-time high as this group gets - with each beacon discovered - their superhero swagger on with which then to save the multiverse and beyond with.  Monster Force Zero is a trip and a half.  The film is cool, crazy, and completely off its rocker - which makes this B-grade movie an absolute treat this Halloween.  

Featuring genre favorite Garret Wang (Star Trek: Voyager), WWE and WCW wrestling legend Pat Tanaka, this action-packed sci-fi jaunt will be available On Demand October 13 from Wild Eye Releasing.

Time to get your superhero fix on!  Monster Force Zero does not disappoint.

4/5 stars

Monster Force Zero


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Monster Force Zero

MPAA Rating: Unrated.
94 mins
: Nathan Letteer
Tyson Kroening; Nathan Letteer
Garrett Wang, Heath C. Heine, Dalena Nguyen
: Sci-Fi

Memorable Movie Quote: "We're a ragtag team of outcasts, tech nerds, and sci-fi geeks."
Wild Eye Releasing
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Release Date:
On Demand October 13
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Synopsis: In a last-ditch effort to gain exposure for his failing comic book "Monster Force Zero" (MF0), Calvin Cashill (aka A.I.) and his team of cos-players enter an underground exhibition cos-play battle against the infamous "Destroyers of Destruction" (D.O.D.) - but cosmic forces are at work, and this battle is just the beginning of an interstellar monstrous ride for the team.

Monster Force Zero

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