Fighting With My Family - Movie Review

Time to celebrate your weirdness.

Between the Trees - Movie Review

Makes for one unforgettable vacation.

Happy Death Day 2U - Movie Review

A new time loop begins.

Hunter - Movie Review

Emotional, street tough, and blood-soaked

Creed II - Blu-ray Review

Ding! Ding! Creed II is the clear winner

Bohemian Rhapsody - Blu-ray Review

A thoroughly entertaining biopic.

Widows - Blu-ray Review

Mass audience appeal and brains

A Star is Born - Movie Review

Sit back, fall in love, and let it wash over you.

Vinegar Syndrome Announces a Killer Lineup of New Titles Coming to Blu-ray in February

WackoCheck out what our good friends over at Vinegar Sydrome have been cooking up. These sick new titles will be coming to blu-ray in the month of February.

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Cobra: Collector's Edition (1986) - Blu-ray Review

Cobra: Collector's Edition - Blu-rayMarion “Cobra” Cobretti is back on the streets.  Wearing his Judas Priest-styled sunglasses, a must for ANY badass in the 1980s, and taking out any number of axe-swinging maniacs, his beat on the street gets a major visual HD upgrade thanks to Shout! Factory’s Collector’s  ...

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Universal Announces PET SEMATARY 30th Anniversary 4K Release

Pet SemataryTimed to coincide with the release of Kevin Kolsch's 2019 remake, comes word that Paramount Home Media Distribution will celebrate the 30th anniversary of Mary Lambert's film Pet Sematary (1989) with a brand new 4K Blu-ray release, which will be available for purchase on March 26th ...

Read more: Universal Announces PET SEMATARY 30th Anniversary 4K Release

First Man (2018) - Blu-ray Review

First Man (2018) - Movie ReviewPerhaps the only task more difficult than putting a man on the moon and returning him safely to Earth is making an interesting film about the rather uninteresting man who first set foot on the lunar surface. Yet Damien Chazelle (La La Land) does just that with his First  ...

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Fighting the Sky (2019) - Movie Review

Fighting the Sky - Movie ReviewWhen people long missing unexpectedly return to one Midwestern town, a team of ufologists see their role in this interstellar mystery ever-expanding thanks to some mysterious sights and sounds from above.  Their questions are unending, but just what is it that is happening ...

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Perfectos desconocidos (2019) - Movie Review

Perfectos desconocidos - Movie Reviewmagine yourself at a dinner party with six of your best friends – some are couples, some single. The only thing more abundant than the free-flowing drinks, appetizers, and rapid-fire conversations shooting across the table are the number of beeping, buzzing, and vibrating cell  ...

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The Giant Behemoth (1959) - Blu-ray Review

The Giant Behemoth (1959) - Bl-rayIt is a calm, grey day.  The surface of the water is still.  A ferry cuts calmly across the surface, careful to make gentle waves.  And then it happens.  Your worst fears become reality.  Rising from the surface of the once calm waters is a beast ...

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SheBorg (2016) - Blu-ray Review

Sheborg (2016) - Blu-ray

Part Woman. Part Machine. Total Destruction. When was the last time we had a female kickass alien cyborg film?  It’s been a hot minute since, hmm, 1993.  Which is why SheBorg (originally released as SheBorg Massacre, a better title if you ask me) immediately grabbed my ...

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Goosebumps 2 (2018) - Blu-ray Review

Goosebumps 2: Haunted Halloween - Blu-rayHollywood used to make fun movies like this one all of the time. They stopped when the 1990s ran up on us. Hitting my stride in the 1980s as a fat kid with a bag of popcorn in one hand and a sack of gummy bears in the other, my days were filled with Monster Squad memories ...

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Nurse Jill (2016) - Blu-ray Review

Nurse Jill (2016) - Blu-rayBecause sometimes the act of revenge is stronger medicine than actually doing it.  Sometimes. The 16mm footage.  The dialogue cards.  The city atmospheres.  Everything about Nurse Jill, including its smaller than small  ...

Read more: Nurse Jill (2016) - Blu-ray Review

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