Mudbound (2017) - Movie Review

Mudbound (2017) - Movie ReviewRacism, class, friendship, brotherhood, and man’s relentless struggle against the land come together poetically in filmmaker Dee Rees’ Mudbound, the spectacular follow-up to her 2011 debut feature, Pariah. Any thoughts of a lucky first strike with Pariah can be put to bed as Mudbound is ...

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Justice League (2017) - Movie Review

Justice League - Movie ReviewAs a lifelong reader of DC Comics, this newest entry into the DCEU should be a momentous occasion: the first film ever to depict all their marque characters together on the big screen. Having left the movie a couple of hours ago, if I had to sum up Justice League in one word,  ...

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Cook-Off! (2017) - Movie Review

Cook-Off! - Movie ReviewA broadcast baking show gets roasted in Cook-Off!, a not-so-new comedy opening in select theaters and On Demand everywhere this Friday.  Originally filmed in 2007, Cook-Off! has long been baking in the oven.  Inexplicably so, it seems, too. ...

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LBJ (2017) - Movie Review

LBJ (2017) - Movie ReviewSay what you will about Lyndon Baines Johnson. Yes, he was ornery. Yes, he was bullish. And yes, he was probably one of the most foul-mouthed and crude presidents in our nation’s hist... well, er... never mind. ...

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Let Her Out (2016) - Movie Review

Let Her Out - Movie ReviewWhat wickedness we do in utero! Burning with an intensity that speaks volumes, the opening ten or so minutes of Let Her Out might just very well be one of my favorite cinematic experiences this season.  Writer/Director Cody Calahan and ...

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Suburbicon - Movie Review

Suburbicon - Movie ReviewIf the Coen Brothers don’t follow through with a script of their own, there’s probably a good reason. That’s the take-away after fighting through the confusion and frustration of what just happened in Suburbicon ...

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Jigsaw (2017) - Movie Review

Jigsaw - Movie Review

Seven years later….



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Thor: Ragnarok - Movie Review

Thor: Ragnarok - Movie ReviewSome seventeen films into the MCU, one marvels (see what we did there?) at the sheer volume and consistency of their output in the last decade. There isn’t a single entry in this shared universe that this reviewer hasn’t liked. They’re not all home runs, and, if I think of my ...

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Tragedy Girls - Movie Review

Tragedy Girls - Movie ReviewSocial media and serial killers don’t necessarily go hand in hand.  They will soon enough.  Trust in that nonsense.  Facebook “factoids” will be the death of us all.  With a satirical edge to its tweets and a gleeful embracing of some severe wickedness, Tragedy Girls, a new horror ...

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Leatherface (2017) - Movie Review

Leatherface (2017) - Movie ReviewIn one of the better scenes of Leatherface, a superfluous prequel to Tobe Hooper’s The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, a young couple comes across what appears to be some sort of rotting animal along a lonely stretch of road.  The girl (Lorina Kamburova) gets out of the truck ...

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