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Fast and Fierce: Death Race - Movie Review

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Fast and Fierce: Death Race

Vroom! Vroom! Vroom! 

Universal's F9 might not be happening this summer, but that’s not stopping The Asylum from delivering their next, best, and fully loaded mockbuster and it comes courtesy of a souped-up 79 Buick Skylark!  Fast and Fierce: Death Race - with great performances from Michael DeVorzon and DMX - has arrived on streaming platforms everywhere. 

"exciting and clever in its construct (lots of tight angles and clever drone shots)"


Buckle up!  This ride in an underground race is both fun and intense.  With some gnarly stunts and great performances, Fast and Fierce: Death Race shows no signs of stopping anytime soon.

Fast and Fierce: Death Race is a movie for those who miss what The Fast and Furious franchise used to be about: illegal street racing.  Yes, it’s about family and, yes, it is a knock-off of a Hollywood-produced B-grade picture (which launched an entire, ongoing franchise), BUT The Asylum FINALLY gets their copycat attempts right with a film set around REAL driving and REAL stunts.  

Okay, okay, so the film might have a groan-worthy title (it was originally titled In The Drift), but this car-centered flick actually delivers with hard-hitting action sequences, cool characters, and an unbelievable attack with the wrong end of a toilet scrubber.  Guilty pleasure?  No guilt here as these pulse-pounding 85-minutes are damn exciting thanks to director Jared Chon (Hold Your Breath), Michael DeVorzon as Jack Tyson (who does a lot of the stunt precision driving), and (a very cool) DMX as a crime boss named Davie.{googleads}

Fast and Fierce: Death Race involves an illegal street race from Navoja, Mexico to Los Angeles, California known as The Outlaw 1000.  Jack’s younger brother, Nelson, owes the intimidating Davie way too much money.  He can’t pay it back, but Davie is more interested in getting Jack to race again. Jack, after a horrible event, retired from the racing scene three years ago and so, to pay off the seven figures, Jack decides to race Davie’s two other drivers: Mick (Nate Walker) and Nina (Becca Buckalew).  

He just didn’t know he’d have a stowaway along for the ride. Fast and Fierce: Death Race

Bianca (Paulina Laurant) is desperate.  Davie is her ex-boyfriend and, while he is financing the race, he’s also responsible for the bruises on her body.  She needs Jack’s help.  Loaded with a whole lot of incriminating evidence thanks to the USB drive she stole, she needs a quick ride to Los Angeles to turn this bad guy.  But, with the cartel hot on her heels, what she brings along for the ride is nothing but trouble.

Co-starring Gigi Gustin, Veronika Issa, and Jack Pearson as Nelson, Fast and Fierce: Death Race is exciting and clever in its construct (lots of tight angles and clever drone shots) as Jack must overcome his past, the psychos who want to see him crash, and a criminal operation that goes off the rails thanks to an unexpected change in command.  

Fast and Fierce : Death Race arrives on digital May 19 from The Asylum.

4/5 stars

Fast and Fierce: Death Race


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Fast and Fierce: Death Race

MPAA Rating: Unrated.
94 mins
: Jared Cohn
Mark Gottlieb
Michael DeVorzon, Paulina Nguyen, Nora Harriet Aossey
: Action
An illegal street race with everything on the line.
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The Asylum
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May 19, 2020
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Synopsis: Jack Tyson is a young man partaking in an illegal Mexico to California car race when a desperate woman, fleeing from her abusive gangster boyfriend who is financing the tournament, jumps into his car pleading for his help and who has an incriminating USB drive that could send her thug boyfriend, among others, to prison.


Fast and Fierce: Death Race

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