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Cheese puffs. Good weed.  Vodka and a rape fantasy?  Clownface, opening with a 10-minute scene of voyeurism which spirals from a bit of the naughty-naighty to a complete bloodbath, puts its grittiest foot forward as a local urban legend - the very brutal “Clownface” - gets his own headlining act.

"the captive-to-captor spin makes it a solid contender for memorable moments in low budget slasher lore"

Zoe (Dan Tonks) has just said goodbye to her roommate, Jenna (Hannah Douglas), for the evening.  They both have plans, but Zoe’s involves staying home for a bit of fantasy role playing with her boyfriend.  Unfortunately, Clownface (Philip Bailey) crashes the evening and brutally swings an axe right into her boyfriend’s guts before carrying her off into the dismal darkness of the evening.  

Which leaves Jenna to pick up the pieces, find out what happened to her friend, and defeat the crazed killer stalking their hometown.  But she’s not alone.  Owen (Richard Buck), an investigator, joins her in her quest and he isn’t backing down without a fight.  

Low budget British horror doesn’t get much more shocking than right here with the highs and lows of this “Clownfaced” killer. Sure, Clownface owes its seeding to Michael Myers in John Carpenter’s Halloween, but - thanks to a hefty amount of role-playing and other erotic practices - there’s something here to differentiate it from the rest of the slashers out there.Clownface

From writer/director Alex Bourne (The House of Screaming Death), this guttural horror film involves a deranged young man, wearing a clown mask stitched together from pieces of real human flesh, who takes matters into his own hands as he wanders the neighborhoods of a small town killing and abducting anyone whom he crosses paths with.

Co-starring Thomas Loone (Wuthering Heights),  Philip Bailey (Doctor Who, Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw), and Hannah Douglas (U Want Me 2 Kill Him?), Clownface has some solid cinematography to set it into motion and the captive-to-captor spin makes it a solid contender for memorable moments in low budget slasher lore (should such a thing exist), but the pacing of the team-up - especially when the hunt is beginning - is a momentum killer (so random kills are thrown in) and that issue will hurt its longevity when it comes to finding agreeable audiences who want more gore and sex.

From Wild Eye Releasing, Clownface and his kills are headed to DVD and Digital August 18 to attack what remains of the summer.

3/5 stars



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MPAA Rating: PG-13 on appeal for crude sexual content and language.
94 mins
: Alex Bourne
Alex Bourne
Philip John Bailey, Hannah Douglas, Richard Buck
: Horror
It only hurts if you struggle.
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Wild Eye Releasing
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DVD and Digital August 18
Synopsis: A deranged young man, donned in a clown mask made of human flesh, terrorizes a small town with a series of abductions and murders. Neighbors Jenna and Owen search for their missing friend Zoe, who may be the latest victim of this local urban legend known as Clownface.



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