The Descendants Movie TrailerGeorge Clooney must be getting old. The giveaway isn't the gray hair that has been slowly and silently creeping in, nor the crow's feet and thin wrinkles beginning to distinguish his face. We know Clooney is moving into a new phase of his life (and acting career) because he's now in an Alexander Payne movie.

The "sexiest man alive"'s days of being the go-to actor to depict the hot single bachelor or the handsome daddy with young kids are likely over and it's now time to slip into the role of aging father with husband-wife relationship problems. And who better to guide him through this change than the master of such heady real-life relationship issues than the director of Citizen Ruth, About Schmidt, and Sideways.

Clooney and Payne have teamed up on the big screen adaptation of Kaui Hemmings' novel The Descendants which is about a man struggling to connect with his two daughters after his wife becomes hospitalized from a boating accident. This looks to be an early contender for Oscar consideration with both its subject matter and the character portrayals.

You can watch the trailer for The Descendants below or head over to to see it in high definition. But be careful. While it doesn't completely spoil the movie, it is one of those trailers that basically tells the film's entire story in a couple of minutes. You may come away feeling you don't need to see the movie: