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Crossbreed (2019) - Movie Review

Slaughterhouse.  Four Eyes.  Know those names.  Clocking in at 86-minutes of sweat- inducing space madness, Crossbreed will straight up kick your ass.  No, it isn’t another exercise craze with fancy names for pull-ups and squat thrusts.  Crossbreed, directed by Brandon Slagle (House of Manson), is a new science fiction tale of double-crossed discovery as the hunt for an alien bio-weapon by a crass group of veteran mercenaries, each crazier than the other, turns into something far deadlier than EVER imagined.

Sound familiar?  It should.  That, my friends, is part of Crossbreed's B-movie magic and charm.  Oh, yeah, and we also get an intelligent president for once: Vivica A. Fox.

Crossbreed, co-written by Slagle and Robert Thompson, buzzes with an energy that is seldom bothered with unnecessary exposition.  Only a few times are we slowed down from hyperdrive.  What you see is, in fact, what you get.  Blood, guts, and aliens.  Hell, we even get a robotic striptease in a nudie bar of the future!  Sign my ass up for this explicit duty, Secretary of Defense Weathers! 

"Crossbreed will straight up kick your ass.  No, it isn’t another exercise craze with fancy names for pull-ups and squat thrusts"

Played by Daniel Baldwin, Weathers knows exactly what he is doing when he enlists Adam “Boss” Ryker (Stink Fisher, Gotham) to help him with the recovery a dangerous weapon.  Boss; however, fails to ask some important questions, though, and is surprised, after he and his chaos-loving team takes out a room full of scientists aboard a secret facility orbiting earth, to learn that this “weapon” is among the living.  That’s right, this biological killing machine is a walking alien hybrid with certain surprises and it, thanks to some fierce “no need for skin” moves, isn’t about to be taken down without one hell of a fight.

As the massive amount of space shit this heavily-armed team has stepped in includes a violent double agent with ties to the well-respected negotiating skills of the President of the New United States (Fox, Kill Bill) AND his team of killers, the bloodshed and the chaos run deep with this title.  Good thing, too.  Who knew that the boring space just above the earth could be so damned deadly?! {googleads}

The alien bio-weapon (Devanny Pinn, House of Manson), spending a lot of its time in a chill chamber, is all sorts of exciting once it wakes up and, you guessed it, ESCAPES.  You never know what it is going to do, making the double-cross moments of panic in store for everyone shoved inside this rust bucket in space all the fiercer.  The mercenaries – with Jason McNeil as a standout – can practically smell the conspiracy they are floating in.  Thankfully, they don’t cut Boss (or us) a break in their verbal onslaught of quips and putdowns.    

With standout CGI for a low budget flick and a great use of confined outer space-minded areas from cinematographer Johnny Kearn (God’s Not Dead), Crossbreed does its best to stand apart from the other B-minded space flicks it is celebrating.  It isn’t always successful, though, as there is little surprising about this chase through space.  The attempts at what it can do successfully – makeup, effects, rapid pacing – make it a win for us, though.Crossbreed (2019) - Movie Review

Crossbread, being neither all that original or fresh when it comes to science fiction, reads as homage, though; it must be stated.  None of that means it is any less enjoyable, though, and genre fans will certainly dig the midnight matinee vibes it is putting out there.  In my estimation, Crossbreed, now on VOD thanks to Uncork’d Entertainment, gets its jollies best when operating as a wink and a nod toward its Timecop tendencies.

High-fiving cult directors like John Carpenter, Fred Olen Ray, and Roger Corman all the way to its glittering prize, the B-movie mindset is strong with this one.  But just wait until you get to REALLY see what the alien can do!  Mutant muthas from outtaspace! 

Prepare for blast off!  Crossbreed is now available on streaming services everywhere.

4 stars


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Crossbreed (2019) - Movie Review

MPAA Rating: Unrated.
96 mins
: Brandon Slagle
Brandon Slagle, Robert Thompson
Vivica A. Fox, Daniel Baldwin, Stink Fisher
: Science Fiction
This is War.
Memorable Movie Quote: "I !@#$%' LOVE Timecop! Bros!"
VOD Distributor:
Uncork'd Entertainment
Official Site: www.facebook.com/CrossBreedMovie/?fref=ts
Release Date:
February 5, 2019
DVD/Blu-ray Release Date:
No details available.
Synopsis: In the near future, the President of the New United States of America hires a team of military veterans to retrieve an alien bio-weapon from a top secret research facility orbiting the Earth.



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Crossbreed (2019) - Movie Review


Blu-ray Details:

Home Video Distributor: Uncork'd Entertainment
Available on Blu-ray
- March 5, 2019
Screen Formats: 2.40:1
: English SDH
English: DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1
Discs: Blu-ray Disc; Two-disc set
Region Encoding: Locked to Region A

With a pulse-pounding English DTS-HD MA 5.1 mix, Crossbreed hits the intergalactic aisles with crisp and glorious 1080p details also in tow. Fans of 1980s sci-fi will probably dig the hell out of this release.  The blood! The cool reflections! The steely eyes! By putting this title on an on-Demand Blu-ray service, Uncork'd Entertainment shows they have a lot of faith in the movie.  They should, too.  Space looks more dangerous and so does the creature that must deal with.  Colors are bright.  Black levels are strong.  And the hits are felt thanks to the audio upgrade. 



  • None

Special Features:

Loaded with Outtakes from the movie and Deleted Scenes, the blu-ray of Crossbreed definitely does not disappoint.

  • Outtakes
  • Deleted Scenes



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Crossbreed (2019) - Movie Review