Watch the Trailer for VOODOO - The film so shocking, Facebook has blocked its trailer.

 Voodoo = Movie TrailerVoodoo - New Trailer

“I don't believe in that kind of like, voodoo stuff, but there was something about her ...

Synopsis: When Dani, a seemingly innocent southern belle, vacations to LA to evade her increasingly complicated life, she’s brought face to face with the evil voodoo priestess Serafine who curses her to experience the horrors of her past in Satan’s realm. Hell.

Release Date: February 24, 2017

Director: Tom Costabile

Writer: Tom Costabile

Cast: Samantha Stewart, Ruth Reynolds, Dominic Matteucci

Voodoo - Movie trailer

You might go straight to hell just for watching this trailer, or we may get banned from Facebook for even linking to it. Who knows if either claim is true, but regardless, Voodoo is the new found-footage film written and directed by Tom Costabile and is billing itself as the “film so shocking, Facebook has blocked its trailer.”

Well, there’s only one way to find out if that claim holds up. Check it out before it gets pulled...

Voodoo has seen it’s trailer blocked from Facebook, who have labelled the preview for the black magic-centric spooker “offensive”. Said writer/director Tom Costabile, “No matter how many times it goes up, it goes just as quickly down. Facebook consider the trailer for Voodoo so shocking and offensive that they won't allow it on this server. Funnily enough, the whole thing has spurred even more interest in Voodoo - people wondering which theaters it'll be playing at, and what platforms it'll be available from - so all is not lost!"

Though it’s never fair to criticize a film based solely on its trailer, it unquestionably has the look and feel of independent, low budget filmmaking with unstable audio levels that come and go from scene to scene. There’s also the feeling that the film is going for shock solely for shock’s sake with over-the-top voyeuristic pain and torture porn. Regardless, the film is generating a certain amount of buzz and might be worth a look-see.

But never mind what we have to say. Check it out for yourself below:

Here's the new trailer for Voodoo that prominently reminds us that we might be going to hell just for watching:


And here's the one-sheet poster for Voodoo:
Voodoo = Movie Trailer

HyperCube Films will release Voodoo opens in 10 American cities starting on February 24 of this year.

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