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TODD - Movie Review


There’s something wrong with Todd (Hans Hernke).  What it is - or more like what Todd does with it - will unnerve you and leave you wounded.  This is what happens when Todd, not taking his doctor’s advice, decides to withdraw from his family and set his sites on an aspiring young actress. 

And, no, the drugs don’t work anymore.  Be warned, TODD has arrived!

"will unnerve you and leave you wounded."

Directed Aaron Warren, TODD might be thriller about a man on the verge of a raging breakdown but it’s biggest achievement is just how shocking it manages to be thanks to the time Warren takes in building characterization as Todd, ultimately, turns his back on wife Kate (Rhonda Cusumano) and daughter Ashley (Savannah Grace Elmer) and his doctor, psychiatrist Dr. Miller (Aaron Jackson), who is a constant thorn in his side.  

Time and time again, Todd decides to do it his own way.  It makes sense, though, because - even from an early age - Todd has found himself like the “odd man out” in social situations.  Ridiculed by his peers and mercilessly teased while growing up, it is a wonder that he has made it this far in life without . . . well, doing what he is about to do in the psychodrama that unfolds in the expertly acted Todd.Todd

From Jackson’s solid performance to a surprising turn from Police Academy’s Michael Winslow as Jake, the owner of the bar that Todd regrettably visits when he feels the drugs and Dr. Miller’s treatments aren’t working, this movie works in building earned believability due to the actors combined talents creating the suspense that leads to a finale that you won’t soon shake off.  

Don’t start the pity party now, ladies and gents, because Todd is about to do something . . . absolutely insane.  He walks away from treatment and walks straight into carnage when he bumps into waitress Amy (Laura Stetman), who desperately wants to be an actress.  Her ambition leads her to a seduction with another actor (Jason Menz) and the results couldn’t be more frustrating . . . for Todd!

Terrifying and highly unexpected, TODD arrives on DVD and Digital March  16 from BayView Entertainment and Shoreline Entertainment.  Enter into the mind of a budding madman if you dare!

4/5 stars

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MPAA Rating: Unrated
91 mins
: Aaron Warren
James Catizone, Aaron Warren
Michael Winslow, Eliana Ghen, Aaron Jackson
: Drama | Thriller
The Odd man out.
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Theatrical Distributor:
BayView Entertainment
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Release Date:
March 16, 2021
DVD/Blu-ray Release Date:
March 16, 2021
Synopsis: “TODD” is the story of a man who has always felt like the “odd man out”.  From a young age, Todd is shunned and ridiculed by his peers. Over time his pain and anger turns into rage and despair. When psychoanalysis and depression drugs don’t work, the young eccentric becomes a morbid introvert, withdrawing from society in a downward spiral to insanity. He not only sets his sites on an aspiring young actress, but on his psychiatrist and the doctor's family too. "TODD" takes you on a nail biting, edge of your seat journey into the mind of a budding madman.




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