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They Reach

Small town?  Check.  Three best friends?  Check.  Monsters lurking about with fall in the air?  Check and check.  If you are addicted to the old school vibe of 1980s horror/comedies and Netflix’s Stranger Things, then Uncork’d Entertainment has your latest fix with the arrival of They Reach, an independent film which rings all the right bells in my soul.

"delivers where it matters with paranormal activity, comedic bits, and a winning attitude"

Directed by Sylas Dall and co-written by Bry Troyer, They Reach begins with Outer Limits jokes and comments about Tales from the Crypt comics, securing its fan-base with a wink and a nudge as a father and son team of spook hunters arrive on the scene to help out a family troubled by demonic spirits.  We quickly realize all parties involved are in over their head.  The scene of possession that they walk into lays the grounds for the source of the trouble that presses upon every frame of this spirited adventure.

But, first, there is a layer of heartbreak that must be addressed as the death of a family’s son takes charge. They Reach is a film that warms viewers with its tugs at nostalgia but, stick around for the shocks, because this film - practical effects and all - isn’t afraid to give you goosebumps either.

With a quick change, we move on from that disturbing opening and are soon introduced to Jessica Daniels (Mary Madaline Rowe) and her heartbroken family.  She, struggling to pick up the pieces from her brother’s death, and her friends - Sam (Morgan Chandler), and Cheddar (Eden Campbell) - stumble upon the possessed tape used in the recording of the demonic possession at the beginning of the movie.  They Reach

Soon, covers are ripped off from beds!  With a clever attention to details, 1979 comes alive right in front of our eyes as They Reach takes off with a sweetness that is severely lacking in most films released these days and an earnest effort to scare the pants off of viewers.  From beginning to end, They Reach delivers a mesmerizing experience that is equal in parts to Stand By Me and Super 8.

Because Jessica and her friends decide to battle the accidentally unleashed demonic entity that she unknowingly released via a reel-to-reel audio recorder which was used in the possession a decade earlier.. She recruits her two best friends to fight the beast before it devours more souls in the small town of Clarkston.

Co-starring Kyan Zielinski, Elizabeth Rhoades, Ash Calder, Frederick Floyd, Kara Puerschner, and Adrienne Jordan, They Reach might go overboard on name-dropping its influences, but the film delivers where it matters with paranormal activity, comedic bits, and a winning attitude that is present in the performance of the three leads as basements are explored, boxes of stuff mined, and the sanguinum demonium is dealt with.

Uncork’d Entertainment releases They Reach on Blu-ray (complete with bloopers, behind the scenes looks, and a cast and crew commentary) and Digital November 3, 2020.  This one is bound to become a cult classic.

5/5 stars

They Reach


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They Reach

MPAA Rating: Unrated.
87 mins
: Sylas Dall
Sylas Dall
Mary Madaline Roe, Morgan Chandler, Eden Campbell
: Horror | Adventure
First you hear them. Then you see them. Then they reach...
Memorable Movie Quote: "When your mom was your age, she was learning recipes and sewing."
Uncork'd Entertainment
Official Site:
Release Date:
November 3, 2020
DVD/Blu-ray Release Date:
November 3, 2020
Synopsis: Its 1979, and a 13-year-old science nerd stumbles upon a possessed tape player and accidentally unleashes a demonic entity. She recruits her two best friends to fight the beast before it devours more souls in the small town of Clarkston.

They Reach

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