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Okay, okay, so the six-armed Kâli on the poster for this supernatural possession flick doesn’t make an appearance, but she’s pretty cool-looking, right?  I mean, that art is one way for the practical Evil Dead-like effects in this horror flick to get your attention.

"takes its zero dollar budget and triples it with a damn fine electronic score, creative in-camera practical effects, and a DIY attitude when it comes to cinematography"

Things buried in the garden should probably stay there.  Especially if the cursed object is from the Black Forest in Germany AND it caused a Swiss banker to kill six people.  But, whatever, when it comes to THIS object India (Lois Wilkinson in her debut) - or more like her dog, Mungo, - just can't leave the spirit board where it lay and now, well . . . 

. . . this April, beware the Ouijageist

This is a film which has a specific audience in mind.  Trust me, if you aren’t REALLY into Don Coscarelli’s Phantasm - effects and all - then you should just keep browsing the other titles.  For me, though, I really dig this film’s quip and its quiver as bizarre circumstances and nifty practical effects create an entertaining genre flick.  

India (Lois Wilkinson) and her daughter Emily have finally moved into a house!  That’s a big step for them, who are getting away from her loser boyfriend, and it brings lots of responsibilities.  Thankfully, India has lots of help in the neighborhood. But things get weird all too soon when her dog goes digging in the backyard.  Damn.  Now Emily's toy blocks are spelling words! {googleads}

Directed by John R. Walker (The Amityville Playhouse), this film is loaded with nods to classics in the horror genre and these flairs are quite cleverly done, which elevates the whole DIY look of this horror film’s micro-budget.  True Hounds of Horror will be happily wagging their tails over Ouijageist’s antics as references are dropped in rather clever ways to other films.

Because soon enough India has a mysteriously moving Witchboard in the house.  Uh-oh. Seems that damn thing is always EXACTLY where you need it and never where you left it.  Weird. Her first houseguest, Becca (Gabriella Calderone), can’t wait to mess around with it and when the two of them do, well, something bigger than the both of them is unleashed.

Slow at first, Ouijagesit and its script, co-written by Darrel Buxton and Steve Hardy, know a thing or two about poltergeist films, giving special recognition to Poltergeist II in a clever scene involving the priest who is called in to help India with her supernatural problem.  The sequences are quite clever, weaving in meta moments with sneaky gusto, and very satisfying in delivering an ending that connects with the opening scenes.

With a memorable title and Village of the Damned’s Lesley Scoble in the cast as India’s helpful (and sometimes hilarious) mother, Ouijageist takes its zero dollar budget and triples it with a damn fine electronic score (which is far and away unique in creating this film’s atmosphere), creative in-camera practical effects, and a DIY attitude when it comes to cinematography.  Quijageist

While the acting might be limited and the idea of a possessed witchboard a bit unoriginal, this film takes what we’ve already seen when it comes to supernatural haunts and offers possessed, snaking garden hoses, baths that boil its victims, and gurgling creatures in the kitchen sink that burst!  We even get a bizarre scene in a diner in which sees the first of three transformations which, at the film’s conclusion, has Emily literally killing her demons.

Look, Ouijageist is a zero budget independent horror film but everything about this DIY film works in a slow burn fashion for the right audience.  Others will dismiss this film right from the beginning.  Their loss. The film doesn't take itself seriously, yet its not tongue in cheek either.  It's got the right attitude to create an entertaining fright night.

Co-starring Roger Shepherd, Gabriella Calderone, Nathan Head, and Kristofer Dayne, Ouijageist is available on digital and DVD April 14 from Wild Eye Releasing.

4/5 stars



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MPAA Rating: Unrated.
77 mins
: John R. Walker
Darrell Buxton, Steve Hardy
Lois Wilkinson, Lesley Scoble, India Raqia-Walker
: Horror
She Will Eat Your Soul.
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April 13, 2020
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April 13, 2020
Synopsis: In the hilarious new comedy THE HUSTLE, Anne Hathaway and Rebel Wilson star as female scam artists, one low rent and the other high class, who team up to take down the dirty rotten men who have wronged them.



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