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Portal (2019)

Being a Ghostbuster is hit and miss when it comes to the evidence department. Not every ghost loves to leave trails of slime. Just ask this paranormal investigating team at the center of Portal because this season on their television show, they are batting a big fat ZERO.

"The results are unsettling and completely unplanned. From haunted phone calls to missing team members, possession and beyond"

But things are about to change thanks to the “fucked up voodoo shit” they find after pissing on a rock. Is it a spell or an incantation that they have stumbled upon? They are about to find out in Portal, a new horror film from Dean Alioto (Lizzie Borden Had An Axe) which is now available on digital and On Demand from Vertical Entertainment.

The Ghost Seekers crew is down on its luck. Their season finale is quickly approaching, and they are at the crossroads with how they conduct their searches. Do they augment their investigations with some staged haunts, or do they keep it real, settling on not actually finding any proof of the afterlife on network television? The latter route has gotten them nowhere, so they reach out to another, competing team for some help. {googleads}

Hard evidence when it comes to paranormal investigations is incredibly difficult to find. That’s why the ambitious founder, Steven (Ryan Merriman) of this ghost hunting team mistakes his own growling stomach for voices from the other side. He’s desperate and he’s absolutely tired of having his ass kicked in the ratings department by the much cooler ghost hunting team on another network. But he’s not above reaching out to them to get some better locations . . . and what he steals from their skull ring-fingered hand gives his team some of the best and most unexpected scares ever.

The results are unsettling and completely unplanned. From haunted phone calls to missing team members, possession and beyond, weird shit is being documented by the cameras as soon as they stop listening to the wisest member of their team and say the incantation. Fucking millennials.Portal (2019)

Starring genre regulars Ryan Merriman (The Jurassic Games), Jamie Tisdale (From Dusk Till Dawn : The Series) and – surprise, surprise!!! – Heather Langenkamp (A Nightmare on Elm Street), this supernatural Portal won’t soon be closed, which is what makes this movie, written by Peter Dukes (Escape Room 2017), so damn fun and frightening. Unfortunately, the movie doesn’t always deliver on the promising premise it plots out at the beginning. Some of the scares are flatlining  

Featuring performances from Myk Watford (Darkness Rising 2017) and Contracted’s Najarra Townsend, Portal is a mix of the spooky vibes given off by Blumhouse Productions with some Evil Dead-like banter.  Portal is now available on Apple TV/iTunes, Amazon Video, VUDU, Google Play, Microsoft Movies & TV, and FandangoNow from Vertical Entertainment.

Talking to people on the other side just got a whole lot deadlier.

3/5 stars

Portal (2019)


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Portal (2019)

MPAA Rating: unrated.
75 mins
: Dean Alioto
Peter Dukes, Dean Alioto
Ryan Merriman, Jamie Tisdale, Myk Watford
: Horror
Horrorhound Presents.
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Vertical Entertainment
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Release Date:
October 15, 2019
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Synopsis: When an ambitious ghost hunter performs a risky ritual, opening a portal to "the other side", he and his team quickly find themselves way in over their heads in a fight for survival against an ancient demonic force.


Portal (2019)

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