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Paradise Cove - Movie Review

Paradise Cove

Here, there be trespassers!  Paradise Cove, a new thriller from Quiver Distribution, is what happens when the homeless get sexy and sassy!

Oscar nominee Mena Suvari (American Beauty, American Pie) stars in the B-movie throwback thriller Paradise Cove, premiering on digital this February.  The psychological thriller might not be all that original as an unsuspecting couple who inherit a burned-up beachfront property ripe for renovation come to discover that they are the uninvited guests at this particular party (and not the squatter who turns their lives upside now), but thanks to some overly dramatic situations, keyed-up sexuality, and a wild-eyed killer, this thriller delivers some much needed psycho-demented fun on its way to its closing credits.

" In Paradise Cove, the hand might rock the cradle but it is the body that’s having all the fun"


Written by executive producer Sherry Klein, and directed by award-winning filmmaker Martin Guigui (Beneath the Darkness, The Bronx Bull), Paradise Cove might be a bit too elementary in its rollout as it takes viewers back to the fun and fright-filled era of 1990’s B-movie rips like the thriller Pacific Heights, but it knows exactly what its audience wants as True Blood’s Kristin Bauer van Straten gets her “CRAZY” on in the shower and the surf with One Day at a Time’s Todd Grinnell . . . 

. . . except that Suvari, who recently starred in Don’t Tell a Soul,  is the one who plays his wife.  Whoops!  So much for the wedding vows and the plans for children. Or is it?!Paradise Cove

With amped up sexual tension (including an OHNOTHEYDIDN'T moment), waterboarding, and a strange take on homelessness in America, Paradise Cove makes for an evening of half-baked atmosphere and tasteless treats, but that doesn’t mean much to the audience it has in mind.  Bring it on!

Paradise Cove is going to produce more than its fair share of snickers and deservedly so.  I kinda love the fact that Bree (Straten) an actress turned squatter, living amongst the stilts below the house, is as cra-cra as she is.  She definitely jumps into the role of the villain with aplomb and, as the world of the couple crashes around her, has a whole hell of a lot of fun knocking off the neighborhood and a beloved pet.

Eddie Goines, Krista Allen, Ruben Garfias, Scott Anthony Leet, Kelsey Collins Keener, and Aaron Hendry also star in this Martin Guigui-directed thriller.  In Paradise Cove, the hand might rock the cradle but it is the body that’s having all the fun.  The film premieres on digital Feb 12 from Quiver Distribution.

3/5 stars

 Paradise Cove

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Paradise Cove

MPAA Rating: Unrated
103 mins
: Martin Guigui
Sherry Klein
Todd Grinnell, Mena Suvari, Kristin Bauer van Straten
: Thriller
A view to die for.
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February 12, 2021
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Paradise Cove


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