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The Night Sitter (2019) - Movie Review

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The Night Sitter (2019)

Totally Rad!  The Giallo gets gleeful and brightly GORY-fied thanks to The Night Sitter from Roller Disco Massacre and Uncork’d Entertainment.  Mark my words, this neon-soaked independent film, set around the Christmas season, will definitely become a modern day cult classic that diehard horror fans will want to seek out.

"will definitely become a modern day cult classic that diehard horror fans will want to seek out"

Perhaps it’s the Carpenter-esque electronic score from Rob Himebaugh.  Maybe it’s the 1980s-like swagger of this playful horror film thanks to cinematographer Scotty G. Field’s work.  Hell, it could even be the foxy looks of Elyse Dufour (from AMC’s The Walking Dead), who plays Amber, a sneaky babysitter, but whatever the reason, Uncork’d Entertainment’s The Night Sitter is the summer jam I’ve been waiting for thanks to its deft handling of both comedy and horror tropes and it appears to be, thanks to the heavy gore, all in honor of the Giallo.

It’s Christmas and the red-headed Amber (Dufour) has arrived at the big ass home of paranormal investigator Ted Hooper (Joe Walz) to babysit two kids - Jack Champion as Kevin and Bailey Campbell as Ronnie – for Hooper and his girlfriend.  Hooper is like an older version of Zak Bagans from Ghost Adventures.  He’s goofy, full of himself, and has no idea what he’s talking about and, after a tour of his home and some shameless self-promotion, he leaves Amber in charge of two boys. {googleads}

But she’s got plans of her own thanks to a thief, Jermaine Rivers as Rod, that she is working with.  What she doesn’t know is that the boys are planning on having some fun of their own and it involves one of the haunted artifacts in Kevin’s rich dad’s locked room, a room full of bloody and bizarre artifacts.  That’s how they stumble upon a trio of witches known as The Three Mothers, who start taking out the people in the home, who have no multiplied thanks to the hilarious inclusion of Amber Neukum as Lindsey and J. Benedict Larmore as Martin.

Written and directed by John Rocco and Abiel Bruhn, The Night Sitter is wicked-smart in its rollout as a comedy/horror film.  It feels like The Monster Squad mashed into a home invasion flick thanks to the babysitter and her crew of loaded “friends” and it sure does make this hot-ass summer feel a whole hell of a lot cooler, thanks to some tight editing by Tristan Borys.The Night Sitter (2019)

With cool creature effects,The Three Mothers quickly dominate the house and the movie itself. They are dark-faced beings and fierce as hell, providing the film with a lot of wonderful gore and kills.  Watching their tone is definitely NOT in their wheelhouse; they are pissed the FUCK off.  So as the witching hour approaches, we have possession, throat slicing, finger mutilation, and an ancient book that summoned them, and it all quickly takes over the plans for the evening as survival becomes the primary focus.

As the evil takes over, The Night Sitter quickly switches gears as the home invasion gets halted by some seriously whacked supernatural events.  Even the assistance of the occult-obsessed neighbor, Ben Barlow as Vincent, is of little help in this neon-crested neighborhood threat flick that has been executively produced by Final Destination creator Jeffrey Reddick

It’s time to get wicked! The Night Sitter will be available August 6 on DVD and VOD from Uncork’d Entertainment.

5/5 beers

The Night Sitter (2019)


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The Night Sitter (2019)

MPAA Rating: Unrated.
88 mins
: Abiel Bruhn, John Rocco
Abiel Bruhn, John Rocco
Elyse Dufour, Jack Champion, Jermaine Rivers
: Horror
1 thief - 2 kids - 3 witches - No mercy.
Memorable Movie Quote: "Remember what I said about my office. Strictly off limits."
Uncork'd Entertainment
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Release Date:
August 6, 2019
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Synopsis: A con artist poses as a babysitter to steal from a wealthy occult enthusiast. One of the kids she's sitting unwittingly summons a trio of witches known as The Three Mothers.


The Night Sitter (2019)

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