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Nebulous Dark - Movie Review

Nebulous Dark

Looks like we have new tenants!

It’s been a long time for me, but have you ever awoken from a deep sleep and felt like you could take on anything?  That’s sort of what happens to the lead character in Nebulous Dark, the highly imaginative new science fiction thriller from Writer/Director Shahin (Sean) Solimon (Sinbad, The Fifth Voyage), except Captain Apollo (Solimon) is in for a bit of a shock when he opens his eyes to a world gone mad thanks to a pandemic that is turning humans into zombie-like creatures.

"is as much in the world of Sky Captain And The World Of Tomorrow as it is an episode of the Twilight Zone"

What has happened here?  Because Earth’s new inhabitants?  They aren’t good hosts at all.  And Captain Apollo can’t shake the feeling of being watched.  Even as he’s automatically taking out one zombie after another.  It seems, as he discovers in his journey among the wasteland that is Earth, that he’s missed all the action.  An asteroid has smashed the earth into a death orb of bad vibrations.

Loosely inspired by classic TV shows such as The Twilight Zone and The Outer Limits, Nebulous Dark is yet another high water mark for Solimon’s creative output.  I certainly dig his visual flair and the films he puts together with his team.  While low in budget it’s intentions to entertain fans of B-movie flicks is definitely riding high.  We even get some often used one-liners from Apollo and lots of machismo moments of glory along the way.  

This is in an effects-heavy film and, as it was shot with multiple RED cameras, delivers a post-apocalyptic slice of science fiction pie with over 1200 VFX shots.  To assist in our understanding of this barren new world, the film is broken into separate chapters, yet one thing remains: Apollo is the last man on Earth and the answers he is looking for aren’t going to be easy for anyone to swallow - especially when in his shoes . . . I mean, boots.Nebulous Dark

By design, this is a dark and atmospheric film.  While some of the monologuing done by Captain Apollo (who is almost always speaking through a gas mask) might come across as a bit cheesy, the tone of the film never lifts.  Even the explanation of what happened to the earth, as told through a robotic AI unit, feels unnatural.  And what this robot says is eerie as hell as a war with aliens is retold as well as the mentioning of an escape ship.  But does that mention of escape put HOPE just out of Apollo's reach?!

Like I said, this is a dark film, yet its handling of the material and what it inspired is both joyous and righteous, making Dark Nebulous a genre-rich flick.  It co-stars Ginger Christie, Kent Hatch, and Kaya Chyla.

The surrealism of the situation Apollo finds himself in - as particles and flying saucers continue to fall from the sky - only doubles down on itself as Apollo must cling to any hope that he can.  And, yes, that involves possibly getting off this dead rock.  Through it all, Solimon embraces the weirdness and pulls off a movie that is as much in the world of Sky Captain And The World Of Tomorrow as it is an episode of the Twilight Zone.  It’s a fun-filled and masterful stroke from Solimon, Giant Flick and Imagination Street Films.

Dark Nebulous is now streaming on Prime Video.  The time loop beings . . . NOW!

4/5 stars

Film Details

Nebulous Dark

MPAA Rating: Unrated.
75 mins
: Shahin Sean Solimon
Shahin Sean Solimon
Shahin Sean; Solimon Ginger; ChristieKent Hatch
: Drama | Sci-fi
He thought it was just the end of humanity!
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Giant Flick Films
Official Site:
Release Date:
 July 14, 2021 on Prime Video
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Synopsis: Nebulous Dark tells the story of a man waking up from a deep sleep to discover that he is the last man on earth and there are new “tenants”. Written, directed, and starring Shahin (Sean) Solimon [Sinbad The Fifth Voyage], the film has everything a genre fan would love to see in an exciting sci-fi film, including the undead (zombies) and all wrapped up in a surreal, and highly visual narrative.


Nebulous Dark


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