Your Sister is a Vampire - CHAD

Iconic.  Groundbreaking.  Hypnotic.  Toss a dark suit jacket over your sunshiny yellow tee and let’s all get the feels with this brand-new release from Your Sister is a Werewolf as we hit the coast and rock out to some truly inventive instrumental jams.  Mark my words, Synth Riders, the “MTV COPS” vibe this release gives off is all sorts of magical and Jan Hammer-like; it will long be on your playlists. 

"Everything listeners love about synthwave – the cool vibes, the nostalgic swagger, the pastel-hued sounding aesthetic – is contained here in ten tracks of effortless hard ass sun and steel sensibilities."

Full of chilling compositions, sparkling anthems for a crime-ridden city, and dynamic synthwave sonics that COULD BE the mood-drenched score to your new favorite show, this debut release, appropriately named C.H.A.D, will live on to be a classic of the genre, much like Vampire Step-Dad’s Love Bites.  Everything listeners love about synthwave – the cool vibes, the nostalgic swagger, the pastel-hued sounding aesthetic – is contained here in ten tracks of effortless hard ass sun and steel sensibilities.

The first track, “The One”, begins with a slow fade-in that suddenly carries so much emotional weight that foundations are laid within minutes.  You want this song to invade your soul, crawl around, and get comfortable.  I dare you to NOT hit repeat.  That’s how strong of a first strike is landed here.  The second and third songs, “The Heartbeat” and “The Thief” continue to build the anticipation; something is about to happen.  Steamy tensions are being built and that sax?!  Forget about it.  Tonight, your ears belong to Your Sister is a Werewolf.{googleads}

The mounting tension all leads to the beauty of “Corvette Summer Too”, a song that brings us out of the darkness of this fictional series and straight into the fresh breezes of the coastal daylight.  Windows down. The funk here, as a minute and 16-seconds into the song a change happens that will have us all reaching for our Steely Dan LPs, is spread deep and long.  Smooth.  While the ambient moments are callbacks to John Carpenter and Tangerine Dream, there is no denying that this nostalgic tip of the hat is rooted in steamy saxophones and pop music from another era.

The mesmerizing moments of tension return with the next couple of tracks.  From the ticketing pulse of “Disturbed Circuits” and the cool blues of “Midnight Madness” to the summer bliss of “Open for Business”, we have a wide range of sparkling, synth-led MELODIES that could match the 12-week Billboard charting of the Miami Vice Theme; that’s how powerfully addictive the smooth and blissed-out jams are here, continuing with “Closed for Business”, the moody “Streets of Darkness”, and the EPIC “Sundown” closing number.Your Sister is a Vampire - CHAD

Working as a longtime professional composer for television shows, it should come as no surprise that the theme-driven environments created in Josh Molen’s debut, released under Your Sister is a Werewolf, are so damn explicit and inviting.  Mastered by Bernie Grundman, of Thriller and Purple Rain fame, the shimmering aesthetics are strong with this title and will leave you searching for your own Armani jacket.

The mood bursts from the opening fade-in and, by the middle of the release, we are already used to its sun-kissed locales, where danger could jump out from any direction.  This release is as blazingly neon as the night rides along the coast of this fictional city ...

Ya simply can’t fake this funk!

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Your Sister is a Vampire - CHAD

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