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Irresistable (2020)

The loony Left.  The wrongheaded Right.  Regardless of who you bat for, politics in America is STILL a dirty word.  This political satire from The Daily Show’s Jon Stewart illustrates why as one Democrat political consultant gets in over his head in the American Heartland.

"is more than Jon Stewart’s big comeback.  It’s proof positive that he’s always been correct when it comes to politics: don’t talk to people like they are idiots, appreciate them, and BE REAL"

Gary Zimmer is in the Heartland of America and finds himself hollering for the cows to shut up so that his candidate of choice, Marine Colonel Jack Hastings, can make his announcement.  The former Marine is running for mayor of a very small town in Wisconsin and Zimmer, a democratic strategist who lost his ass pitching Hillary Clinton to the airwaves in the 2016 Presidential Election, believes he is the key to winning over the Heartland and rebranding the "Out of Touch" Democrats.  

Written and directed by Jon Stewart, Irresistible is a political comedy with teeth as both sides get skewered for being so damn oblivious to the real world.  It’s satire, yes, and Stewart delivers on crushing everything from Fox News to the last glimmer of hope in America’s eye as one local election becomes a fight to the death for the soul of America.  

Irresistible is both funny and endearing as Stewart’s second film, following 2014’s Rosewater, turns the cracked mirror back on America's politics and the DC Elite, who couldn’t bring home an election even if it was handed to them. {googleads}

Starring Steve Carell as Gary Zimmer, Rose Byrne as Faith Brewster, Zimmer’s main opponent, and Chris Cooper as Marine Colonel Jack Hastings, Irresistible pits fear against shame as both rural Republicans and Democrats find themselves used and abused for the sake of poll numbers.  Democrats have callused hands?  Say it ain’t so!  The performances here range from nuanced to explicit, giving more voice than expected to a rationale that offers insight into just how this sense is developed in DC.

This is a town where dogs always bark into the deep wells of the night.  It is also a place where the wi-fi goes to die.  And DC politics don’t work so well here.  Or do they?  Because when Brent Sexton as Mayor Braun decides to hire Brewster to up his fundraising game and deal with DC Gary, she cranks the heat up to an “11” with the same style and swagger she had in pitting Trump against Clinton.  And DC Gary doesn't disappoint in answering her call with ridiculous rebuttal.Irresistable (2020)

Unfortunately, neither one gets it.  Hell, Gary doesn’t even know how to twist off the cap to a bottle of Budweiser.  He’s insulting to most of the population in the town and doesn’t really know how to best handle Colonel Jack, especially when he brings him to DC to try and sway his fellow, uptight constituents.  The politics here are broken.  And this film illuminates that sad fact throughout its running time, especially when Hastings makes his pitch to the Democratic donors in DC and proves that the system is - as we all know it - corrupt.    

A redder kind of blue.  That’s the catchphrase that Zimmer is using to get Hastings elected and, when the truth falls around the words that Hastings uses like Clinton with impulse control, Irresistible proves to be exactly what its name implies.  

Co-starring Topher Grace and Mackenzie Davis, Irresistible is more than Jon Stewart’s big comeback.  It’s proof positive that he’s always been correct when it comes to politics: don’t talk to people like they are idiots, appreciate them, and BE REAL.  These are the politically incorrect behavior he's always been championing.  It's all bullshit; theatrics, if you will.

Irresistible will be released digitally in the United States and Canada through Premium VOD on June 26, 2020.

4/5 stars

Irresistable (2020)


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Irresistable (2020)

MPAA Rating: R for language including sexual references.
101 mins
: Jon Stewart
Jon Stewart
Steve Carell, Rose Byrne, Chris Cooper
: Comedy
Send In The Clowns This Spring.
Memorable Movie Quote: "We need some way to road test a more... rural message"
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Focus Features
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Release Date:
June 26, 2020
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Synopsis: A Democratic strategist helps a retired veteran run for mayor in a small, conservative Midwest town.


Irresistable (2020)

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