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Oceanside 85 Absolution - Music

Vocals! Vocals! Vocals! The new release from Oceanside85 is a wild ride through some pretty heavy dark synth and, my Goddess, those vocals of hers have NEVER sounded better.  Yes, you read that correctly: Oceanside85 goes dark synth with her latest release: Absolution. ...



Authenticity is sometimes a hard thing to spot.  It is definitely a difficult thing to hear.  The thing is, as is the case with this GENIUS work by Brighton’s 24:7, true works of authenticity can only speak for themselves and wait patiently – sometimes in the  ...


Dream Division

Dream Division returns with its analog experimentations! Using the Roland Juno-6, the Roland SH-101, the Roland RS-09, and the Korg Mono/poly synthesizer for its source of sounds, horror and dismay has never sounded as LIVE and DIRECT as it does ...


Dimi Kaye's Dangerous

Do you always drive by night?" She said, looking at him with a worrying gaze. "Yes." He took a drag from his half burned cigarette while gazing the city lights below. "Isn't that dangerous? Especially in your line of work?" She turned her eyes to the city ...


Roxi Drive

Sometimes in this life, we have to go back in order to find the right path forward.  Roxi Drive, returning to the synthwave scene after her first release of Girl on the TV does EXACTLY that with her first full length LP.  But there is something different this time out ...


Cemetery gate Album

In the past week alone, the synthwave community has been inundated with quality releases hitting our ears just in time for the Halloween season.  From Vampire Step-Dad’s EPIC Songs to a Haunt a House To to Gregorio Franco’s stunning Apocalypse Prime, the styles of the music might be  ...


Darkest's Light - Music Review

“Darkest. Not much is known about his early life. In 1980, in the ruins of a deserted monastery, a nun's testimony was discovered. This anonymous scripture reveals that Darkest was a ritual composer of the Middle Ages who became a knight, then a crusader  ...


Caspro - Dark Digital

“I got a rock.”  Dressed as the bride of Frankenstein, Cindy never expected that her friends would ditch her on Halloween night.  She also never expected to be going through her trick or treat bag on the corner of the street.  But that’s exactly what she was doing. She pulled ...

Electra Diamond's Bayview Airlines

The traffic out of the city is bad. Seems everyone is happy going nowhere. The car windows are down. I keep the car pointed forward in spite of the traffic. A red light makes me pause. ...



In the immediate past, Hawaiians used the moon for navigation purposes.  MacLane, wearing a loose fitting tropical shirt, only wants to use it to charm the pants off his date.  Anything to take his mind off of Bianca.  That girl is nothing but trouble ...



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