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Godzilla vs. Kong - Movie Review

Godzilla vs. Kong

Now THIS is how you do it!

The title says it all.  Godzilla in one corner of the ring. King Kong in the other.  And one HELL of a battle in the space between these two titans.  And, within seconds of it opening, we get the added bonus of this series FULLY embracing its science fiction leanings with two remarkable scenes and one MONSTROUS attack as something has irritated Kong AND awakened Godzilla.

But what is it?

"a NEON-SOAKED, GIGANTIC-SIZED spectacle in which we get to see two towering titans of terror colliding on the silver screen"


Godzilla vs. Kong is a NEON-SOAKED, GIGANTIC-SIZED spectacle in which we get to see two towering titans of terror colliding on the silver screen in daylight and at night.  It’s been done before in each character’s long and sordid cinematic history, but not like this.  No, definitely not like this.  This movie is full-throttled MASTERPIECE of MONSTER-SIZED BATTLES and science fiction fun.  

And we are most DEFINITELY entertained when the humans clear out of the way and let the kaiju have at it.  This is, remember, their world.  Or is it?

Madison Russell (Millie Bobby Brown)alongside conspiracy theorist Bernie Hayes (Brian Tyree Henry) and friend Josh Valentine (Julian Dennison) are about to find out as they - along researchers Ilene Andrews (Rebecca Hall) and Nathan Lind (Alexander Skarsgård) wind up traveling to Hong Kong (by way of a very interesting depiction of the rumored Hollow Earth) in order to stop the mysterious Apex Cybernetics from their diabolical plans to rule ALL THE TITANS.

This is not a movie where you go in expecting to see solid characterizations and great acting.  Sure, the humans push some of the plot points forward (and it's great to see Kyle Chandler again), but - come on - you go into a movie like this one expecting to see two monsters BASH EACH OTHER'S BRAINS IN . . . along with some creature feature surprises. 

Godzilla vs. Kong is a movie where the humans - after trying to interfere - simply get out of the way and let these monsters go at it.  Thankfully.  Sure, sure, there are human connections but that’s NOT what this blockbuster is about . . . and, thankfully, director Adam Wingard (You're Next, The Guest, Death Note) knows the B-grade material of monster attacking monster well enough to push all the drama to the side when needed and let these two beloved characters have their EPIC brawls . . . 

. . . BEFORE having to tag team another threat! Godzilla vs. Kong

For months now, fans have been cheering on either Godzilla or Kong BUT, true fans of the genre know that they are, in fact, on the same side when it comes to protecting the citizens of earth.  They just have different ways in going about it, what with Godzilla’s link to nuclear threats and Kong’s connection to humans, especially - in this narrative - the orphaned Jia (Kaylee Hottle), the deaf ward of Andrews and last remaining survivor of Skull Island’s tribe.

But both monsters are READY TO RUMBLE with the other should their paths and those that they protect cross.  Whether it be LAND or SEA, these two have a legacy to defend.

Full of destruction and lots of slugfest violence, Godzilla vs. Kong is a satisfying continuation of what we’ve seen in Godzilla, Kong: Skull Island, and Godzilla: King of the Monsters.  It’s BADASS and definitely delivers on its monster mash mayhem!

The movie is now streaming on HBO MAX and plying in theaters.

5/5 stars

 Film Details

Godzilla vs. Kong

MPAA Rating: PG-13 for intense sequences of creature violence/destruction and brief language.
113 mins
: Adam Wingard
Eric Pearson and Max Borenstein
Alexander Skarsgård, Millie Bobby Brown, Rebecca Hall
: Action | Sci-fi
The Scond Coming.
Memorable Movie Quote: "I love crazy ideas. They made me rich."
Theatrical Distributor:
Warner Bros
Official Site:
Release Date:
March 31, 2021
DVD/Blu-ray Release Date:

Synopsis: The epic next chapter in the cinematic Monsterverse pits two of the greatest icons in motion picture history against one another - the fearsome Godzilla and the mighty Kong - with humanity caught in the balance.


Godzilla vs. Kong


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