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Trunkfish - Movie Review


Ah, the predictable suburban life.  It's so . . . full of hidden desires that it just might kill weaker men.

That’s what is the primary target in Trunkfish, a new film from writer/director John KviklysKviklys, though these characters, sets up his target, takes aim, and pulls the trigger blasting the head clean off safe, suburban lawns and life as one man finds himself in a place he never imagined . . . only dreamed about.  

"the acting is solid and so too are the situations as suburbia gets ripped wide open thanks to parties with minors, voyeuristic tendencies, and a whole lot of sexual tension"

Starring Kyle White as Dennis, the bored husband at the center of this sordid tale, and Jessica Dawn Willis as his wife, Katherine, Trunkfish takes American Beauty by the horns and turns it ugly real quick-like as one middle-aged husband pushes his young wife to act out his every sexual fantasy without considering the consequences as eyes are opened and lives permanently changed.

Life is difficult at the bottom of the food chain.  That’s what Dennis is learning as a bored husband with nothing but cereal and dull, dull routines to greet him every morning and night.  He gets shit on by his boss; ignored by the office staff; and spends most of his time masturbating in the bathroom, watching porn on his phone.  

And don’t get him started on the paint samples his wife has picked out.  He just doesn’t care anymore.  If it’s not about sexual fantasies with the girl in the uniform at the end of the block or watching excessive amounts of porn on his phone, Dennis is out.  He’s blinking through his life.  Trunkfish

It takes an unplanned barbecue with his neighbors - you know, the annoying “always running and exercising” type of neighbors - to wake him up to some unrealized possibilities.  Of course, seeing a hook-up take place via a social media platform helps, too.  But, there it is, the spark that he feels he is missing out on.

And, suddenly, Dennis is back in the saddle again.  

But, in this Texas tragedy, his plans don’t actually go as expected, which is part of why this independent film works so well.  You might see the twist coming, but it will definitely break your heart as his life takes a turn for the worse with his sexual shenanigans.  

Throughout Trunkfish the acting is solid and so too are the situations as suburbia gets ripped wide open thanks to parties with minors, voyeuristic tendencies, and a whole lot of sexual tension as the laws of attraction get twisted by youth and middle-aged yearnings.

Co-starring Ryan T. Johnson as Connor and Kalei Lozano as Tara, Trunkfish is edgy and dark in all the right places as things go way too far - but remain believable - in this tale of deceit and destruction, making filmmaker John Kviklys someone to watch in the coming years.

Hey, Neighbor!  It’s time to fire up the grill!  Trunkfish is now streaming on Amazon Prime.

4/5 stars


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82 mins
: John Kviklys
John Kviklys
Jessica Dawn Willis, Melody Brooke, Justin Duncan
: Drama
What happens when the fantasy becomes a reality.
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Blood House Films
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February 12, 2021
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Synopsis: A bored, middle-aged husband pushes his young wife into living out his every sexual desire, but when they takes things too far, he struggles to cope with his reality after the fantasy has ended.




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